Ahmet Dahmani: Suspected ISIS Scout Of Paris Attacks Arrested In Turkey

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Ahmet Dahmani, Suspected ISIS Scout Of Paris Attacks Arrested In Turkey: The police of Turkey nation has arrested 3 people. These three persons includes a Belgian man who is a Moroccan origin who is suspected of being a scout for ISIS (Islamic State Group). All of this news has been confimed by a Turkish news agency on Saturday. All these suspects have been allegedly involved in the bombings and the shootings which took place in Paris last week. (see: Kumari 21F collections.)

According to a post on Reuters, Dogan news agency reported that Police arrested Ahmet Dahmani, a 26-years-old man from a hotel located in the southern coastal city of Antalya. Adding to it, Dogan also said that Ahmet is suspected of exploring areas in Paris a week before the attacks. The remaining two people are found to be Syrians who had helped and assited ISIS.

Ahmet Dahmani, Suspected ISIS Scout Of Paris Attacks Arrested In Turkey

Sunni Militant Group had sent those two to help and ensuring the successful passage of Dahmani from the border. They had further plans to meet him. As per the same source, the counterterrorism police tracked down him at the hotel where he had arrived via a flight.

Belgium has raised terror alert  across the country to the highest extent after getting the news that a gunman affiliated from ISIS and involved in Paris attacks is hiding in the Brussels area. Eyeing to further danger, the metro lines were shut down on Satuday to escape and prevent further attacks.

Other than that, a manhunt is still in progress to find out Salah Abdeslam, another Belgian born French national wanted man who is reported to have connections to the Paris attacks. As per the description available, he is a 26-years-old guy who is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and most-importantly a dangerous man.

Ahmet Dahmani, Suspected ISIS Scout Of Paris Attacks Arrested In Turkey

After numerous raids, several people have been arrested in Belgium. According to authorities, they have been found links to Bilal Hadfi. Bilal was the suicide bomber who blew himself up during the paris attack in the capital.

During another raid by the French police, the target died in Saint-Denis suburb on Wednesday. He was Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the attacks in which more than 130 people were killed and 350 injured.

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