Thala Ajith vs Dhanush: Two Qualified Names to be Successor of Amma Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu

Jayalalithaa Funeral
Jayalalithaa Funeral

Thala Ajith vs Dhanush: Two Qualified Names to be Successor of Amma Jayalalitha

When we talk about Tamil Nadu and Chennai. Two young superstars are here who are world famous. Ajith is well known for his extraordinary following in Japan and Malaysia. Dhanush is quite popular for his outstanding work in films and specially known for ‘Kolaveri Di’. Both the actors are very much influential in the entire state.

Dhanush being son in law of Rajinikanth has a good political background. On the other side, Ajith is respected next to Amma Jayalalitha in the state of Tamil Nadu. Ajith is old and well experienced actor, he is known worldwide for the charitable work.

Its Official: Check out who is the next CM of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is like an infant child. It needs a leader who could be perfect in serving the state with no favorness. There are quite decent amount of politics which is needed to be handled by the successor. Amma Jayalalitha is respected next to the god himself in the state. The next successor is needed to be a person who can handle the tide of emotions.

A political name for the nomination of Tamil Nadu won’t be a good option. Tamil Nadu has much potential for giving India the next opposition leader or next Prime Minister of India. Considering the experience and celebrity base, Thala Ajith has great following than any other eligible leader.


Selflessness and Correct Attitude is much needed to handle one of the oldest state in entire history. TN nominated itself in many awards including the best state around the country to travel and the safest place for tourists over the past years.

Dhanush has a long career ahead and couldn’t be perfect nominee for CM of Tamil Nadu. Ajith has a great experience and he started getting support from few MLAs too. Since he had not given any public statement on the same, it would be good to wait and then start building thoughts.

According to some reports on the internet it was stated that Amma has already prepared her will and have given the same to her loyal party members. These Loyal Party Members are given the task to decide the successor of Tamil Nadu’s CM.

So who would you think should be the next successor of Jayalalitha do let us know in comments below.

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