An Air Indian Flight From Varansi to Delhi Catches Fire – 5 Injured

Air India Flight (AI405) which was travelling from Varanasi to Delhi with 153 passengers boarding the the flight got into a minor accident which could have been turned into a major miss happening.

According to the airport officials, the flight AI405 got a hydraulic leak mid-air and due to which it had to make an emergency landing and while doing so, its noise wheel caught fire.

The plane made an emergency landing on the runway 09-27.

“As soon as the plane landed, the pilot witnessed smoke from undercarriage of the aircraft and he opted for evacuation of passengers which made 5 people getting minor injuries.” Airport official told.

The plane did not caught fire completely, but due to the excessive heat that was produced due to emergency landing, the nose wheel caught fire.

“The hydraulic system carries some oil which got heat up as soon as the plane landed, it will be wrong to call it fire.” ¬†official added.

The incident happened at around 08:30 PM on Monday.

The Air India department released an official statement on the incident. They said that, “All India flight AI405, travelling from Varanasi to Delhi had an emergency landing due to hydraulic leak. This resulted in few sparks at the nose wheel. There were total 146 passengers and all of them were safely evacuated without anyone getting any injury. All the passengers are now being taken care of, they have been served the dinner. The runway 27 has been cleared now.”


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