Ankara Suicide Bomb Attack: PKK Female Member Suspected To Be One Of the Bombers – Turkish Security Forces

More than 100 Killed by ISIS - Representational image
More than 100 Killed by ISIS - Representational image
Ankara Suicide Bomb Attack Female Suspect: As per the latest news and reports received from the Turkish Security Forces, the alleged female bomber is identified as the member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). She is a primary suspect in the recent bombings in Ankara, which killed 37 people and counting. (see: Sai Prashanth died.)

The local media reported confirmed the reports. At least, 37 are killed and many wounded severely at a bus stop near a central square on Sunday. The authorities have reported the figures of injured people as many as 126 and out of those 15 are critical.

Ankara Suicide Bomb Attack Female Suspect

Being anonymous, a police officer stated, “Preliminary findings show that the identity of the offender is Seher Cagla Demir. This information is near certain, but the investigation continues.”

Seher Demir was identified from the remained pieces of her body parts and fingerprints as reported by a Turkish daily. It is allegedly suspected that Turkey may utilize this time to invade the neighboring nations.

The suspects have been taken on trial which includes four females who are also accused of the same inhuman activity. Moreover, they are all PKK members and reported for spreading terrorist favors. All of them are booked for spreading terrorist activities. Demir is reportedly born in 1992 in the eastern Turkish city of Kars.

Ankara Suicide Bomb Attack Female Suspect

Ankara has already classified the PKK group as a terrorist organization. PKK has been carrying out campaigns to against another political group since 2015 summer. It spread quickly after a deadly suicide attack in Suruc.

On Monday, further proofs are expected to be revealed which will eventually unveil the organization behind the assault. In this attack, a crowded transport hub blew up just a meters before Justice and Interior ministries. It is the second attack in under a month. Such conditions have spread chaos.

Turkey bombed camps belonging to PKK in northern Iraq according to the Army. Curfew has been imposed in Sirnak to conduct the operations against Kurdish militants as per local reports. The Turkish government is unrest as the affected region is close to the war in Syria.

The government of Turkey fears that Kurdish separatist and Syrian Kurdish fighters share the deep ideological and operation ties with PKK. It will make relations with the US complicated as the USA takes the Syrian Kurds as an important ally in fighting Islamic State (ISIS).

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