Astrosat: India’s First Space Observatory Reaches Stars


Astrosat: India’s first space laboratory has been launched from the Andhra Pradesh state and as of now, it has reached into its orbit.

It has been named as the ‘multi-wavelength observatory’ for which a lifespan of five years is predicted. It will revolve in its orbit which is 650 km (404 miles) above the earth’s surface to study celestial bodies.

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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) reported that Astrosat carried a charge particle monitor, 4 x-ray payloads, and a UV telescope.

After the 2014 Mars orbiter project, this has been the second biggest mission for ISRO.

The IANS reported that scientists were stuck to the computer screens until it was placed correctly in the space and when it did, the entire team broke with happiness and applause for launching the Astrosat successfully.

ISRO unveiled its scientific purpose and said that Astrosat will help in understanding high-energy processes in binary star systems containing neutron stars and black holes and will detect new bright X-ray sources in the sky.


The agency also told TheReporterTimes that the findings to be found during trials will be examined by some of the India’s leading astronomy institutes and universities.

AS Kiran Kumar, the chairman of ISRO told the reporters that for India, it means the beginning of a new era by this one of the first scientific missions which will enable Indian researchers to utilize it as an observatory.

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Astrosat: India’s First Space Laboratory Reaches Stars

The launch vehicle used for Astrosat also carried some more satellites for Indonesia, Canada, and the USA.

It became the first time in the history when an Indian space launch vehicle is used to place US satellites in their orbit.

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