Berlin Inspired the World: President Barack Obama


President Obama has appreciated the people of Berlin for having a big heart and seeking world as an open place for everyone. Remembering the fall of the Berlin Wall remarkable 26 years ago, US President Barack Obama has stated the people of Berlin inspired the world.

While addressing a gathering for World Freedom on Nov 9 “Through their victory, the people of Berlin inspired the world. Their decree reminds us that though the punishment of oppression stands, it can never outlast the essence of people determined to live free,”

On this day, let us bear advancing the call that echoes within the ages — ‘Ich bin in Berliner’ – by supporting those who still struggle upon fascism and intolerance, and who continue to seek the everlasting light of liberty,” he further added.


With the falling of the wall, it was as much expected that the dictator powers have to withdraw their insurgency towards the people.

Appreciating the work of people towards making it a more open place for each other. Obama has stated that “On this day, we honour those who braved extreme hardship in pursuit of progress and reunification, and we reaffirm our support for the citizens of the world who still face obstacles to a better, brighter, and more just future,”

Obama said that we have the friendship of the German ‘people’ “As we celebrate our friendship with the German people today, we consider on our history and look to the eventuality with a shared notion of optimism and opportunity,” he added.

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