Billionaire Naguib Sawiris from Egypt Offers to Buy Island to House Syrian Migrants

A billionaire from Egypt had come up with an out of the box idea to resettle the refugees from around the world. The idea of Naguib Sawiris includes buying and developing an island special for refugees. According to Naguib, Greece or Italy can sell him an island in which the works of resettlement of economy could be done.

Sawiris, the chief executive of a mobile phone operator in the Middle East and Africa, said on Twitter that he would grant this purchased island independence and provide jobs to migrants “for them building their own country.”

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  1. Naguib, please read this.

    A practical approach to creating the conditions that favor our goal. The power is in the idea.

    This is simple. Wars start with words. To clarify that, in order to wage war, it must be portrayed as both just and necessary. People are demonized, de-humanized and portrayed as irrational or dishonest. Additionally, threat assessment tends to focus on catalysts of suspicion that create fear and uncertainty. These are the acts that create the conditions favorable to war.

    To strengthen bonds between allied nations we engage in positive cultural exchange. These pro-alliance techniques aim to humanize our allies through shared entertainment, common interests and smiling faces. These are the acts that create the conditions favorable to peace.

    By shifting the public focus of threat assessment away from catalysts of suspicion and toward acts of incitement we can ensure accountability through clarity. By identifying acts of incitement as a true threat to peace and security, it can then be addressed appropriately. Acts of incitement should be discouraged, deterred and condemned.

    It’s important to note that both fear and prejudice require a certain level of ignorance. What that means to us is that knowledge is power. The power to prevent war and create peace.

    By engaging in positive cultural exchange, we create strong bonds in society, eliminating the ignorance of one another by getting to know each other. This is a proven technique for building confidence and trust between nations, it just hasn’t been widely applied for the purpose of conflict resolution yet.

    What we have now is a working understanding of a basic plan to create the conditions that favor our goal. This shifts the balance of power in favor of our goals. I’d like to shift that balance ever further. The difference between peace and war is that war must be portrayed as just and necessary. Which it isn’t. Peace only needs to be possible. Which it is.

    The power is in the idea. To build upon it’s power and make it functional it needs a clear path to it’s goal. Once an understanding of that path makes the goal look easy, the idea gains confidence. Initiative then belongs to the motivated and willing. An individual’s power is derived from the platform from which we speak. Use that platform to further disseminate the power. Confidence is the trigger that sets it all into motion.

    Now, if you believe in freedom, democracy and the will of the people, the struggle for power is over. The power belongs to the people.

    We have a choice, we just don’t know that yet. If we did, it would be all over the news and nobody could stop it, because the power belongs to the people. The news and excitement would spread across the globe and nobody could stop it, because the power belongs to the people.

    History will be written regardless of the decisions we make. The opportunity we have is to do some together and as our history is being written, be sure to write it with grace.