Breaking: Earthquake tremors felt in Northern India


Earthquake tremors have been observed in the Northern India, the earthquake seems to be of magnitude of more 4 on rector scale. The tremors have been felt in the parts of Northern India including the national capital Delhi and ailed states. The epicentre of the earthquake was Delhi-NCR Region.

The tremors were felt around 1:40 am for a few seconds and the epicenter was the Delhi-NCR region, according to a report on the Indian Meteorological Department website. Many people have felt the shocks of earthquake in Delhi.


According to the official website, we got information that

Preliminary Earthquake Report

Date of Occurrence: 10/10/2015
Time: 01:40:13HRS(IST)
Intensity: SLIGHT
Magnitude: 3.0
Depth: 5KM
Epicentre: Lat. 28.7°N , Long. 77.4°E

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