British Punk Jihadi ‘Mrs Terror’ Tweets Her Pride After ISIS Fanatic Husband Killed In Syrian Drone Attack


A thug woman of middle-age with nickname – Mrs. Terror, who left the United Kingdom and later joined ISIS, has expressed her feelings on the death of her British ISIS fanatic husband. She tweeted messages full of chill and happiness about him who was killed in an American drone strike.

The 45-year-old, Sally Jones and the mother of two children took this news to the microblogging site Twitter and tweeted that she will never love anyone but his dead husband who was a computer hacker and foreign jihadi recruiter – 21-year-old – Junaid Hussain.

British Punk Jihadi ‘Mrs Terror’ Tweets Her Pride After ISIS Fanatic Husband Killed In Syrian Drone Attack

Furthermore, she wrote that she feels proud of him who was killed in the airstrike by America. She referred the USA as the biggest enemy of the Allah.

Hussain was killed in drone attack while travelling to the ISIS de facto captial city Raqqa. He was at the third spot in the ISIS target list of America as he was a major recruiter of foreign fighters as well as because of hacking attempts.

Jones referred herself as Umm Hussain and posted many messages praising her late husband. However, later on her account was suspended by the Twitter officials.

While her account was active, her tweets got many retweets by the ISIS supporters and some even started making direct contact with her.


Jones also tweeted about another widow and said the Allah will accept her husband in the heaven and will provide the best ranks to him. She also thanked her for being with her.

In the early 1990s, Jones was the lead guitarist in an all-girl rock band called Krunch and have lived her life on benefits. She met 21-year-old Junaid Hussain over the internet. Junaid was an ex-computer hacker who belonged to Birmingham.

She left her home in Chatham, Kent in the year 2013 to find her place with ISIS along with her 10-year-old son.

An official from the US force was quoted saying by the CNN that they are pretty much confident about Hussain’s death. He added that they can sense the British citizen who was on the hit list of the USA.

Later on, David Cameron confirmed his death in a Commons statement in which he revealed that two more British citizens lost their lives in the targeted RAF drone strikes.

The role of Jones in ISIS is way different from her earlier life which she used to live in Medway towns.

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