China To Cut Troops Level By 300,000 Ahead of Military Parade


The Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that the troops level will be cut down by 300,000 ahead of the China’s military parade to celebrate its victory in World War 2. Most of the western leaders are ignoring this event.

China is showing an excessive increase in the confidence for its military and assertiveness which had led to rattling in the region of South China Sea. Washington has criticized China’s take.

Prior to the starting of the parade, Xi said that the nation’s army would witness a drop of 13%. Currently, China has one of the biggest militaries across the globe. As of now, it has 2.3 million personnel.

However, he didn’t assure about the time period required for this reduction. The Chinese military has been slashed two times already since the 1980s to make it modern.

“Prejudice and discrimination, hatred and war can only cause disaster and pain,” Xi said. “China will always uphold the path of peaceful development.”

After some time, he went to Beijing and thoroughly inspected the troops while riding in a black limousine and shouting continuously: “Hello comrades, hard-working comrades!”

The Chinese military parade consisting about 12,000 soldiers was led by the veterans of World War 2 in vehicles. This parade had Chinese soldiers mostly along with the contingents from Russia and other nations.

After the troop parade, it was the time for artillery. China showed their ballistic missiles, tanks, armored vehicles, and many other specialties which were earlier not seen. Then, air show took place. It was organized by advanced fighter planes and bombers which flew in a choreographed manner for around 1.5 hours.

One of the noteworthy weapons shown was an anti-ship ballistic missile, the Dongfeng-21D. It is said that it can destroy an aircraft carrier easily.

Moreover, several other advancements in the file of military and security were shown. It also included the intercontinental ballistic missiles like DF-58 and DF-31A and DF-26 (IRBM).

Xi said that the military parade of the China will serve as a welcome and a distraction from internal disruptions like failing of the stock markets, slowing economy, and recent blasts at a chemical warehouse in which more than 160 people died.

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia along with several leaders of other nations who are in close ties with China were present. The guest list included Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, a wanted man for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

The leaders of the Western World didn’t pay attention to the invitations sent to them. Some of the diplomats replied to the invitation that it is very sad to know about the guest list of China military parade and the attitude to China to show off its strength.


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