David Cameron signifies the importance of learning English for refugees to stay in England

British Prime Minister David Cameron have highlighted the importance of learning English for the people who want to stay in the United Kingdom as the permanent citizen of the country. Being a prime language of Britain, many refugees from Syria was not able to communicate and understand it. For the same govt has earlier deployed translators at various places.

According to the report, the migrants to Britain who cannot pass an English examination within 2-1/2 years of entering the country may not be allowed to stay, however, it’s not yet clarified that what the govt will do with the people who was not able to understand English even after 2.5 years. British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday in a move aimed at encouraging prominent support by Muslim women.

David Cameron said there were around 190,000 British Muslim women in the country who spoke scarce or no English and Britain obliged to take on the “backward attitudes” of some men whom he said used damaging control over their wives, sisters and daughters.

Cameron wrote an article for the Times newspaper “Someone can move to here with very basic English and there’s no obligation to improve it over time. We will change that. We will now say: if you don’t improve your fluency, that could affect your ability to stay in the UK,”. Here he said that it could affect the ability to stay in the country.

David keeps on slamming the people with radical thinking of dominating women “This will help make it clear to those men who stop their partners from integrating that there are consequences.” On the other side, signifying the importance Britain govt took a big step in regularising institutions for learning English.

According to a report, the government will invest 20 million pounds ($28 million) in English courses for women from isolated inhabitants, and from October, this year will begin testing those who have come into Britain on a spousal visa to check if their communication skills have developed.

Although it has been made clear by the government that this action is to make the Muslim and “Isolated” communities increase integration with the people of Britain, still some extremists and other organisations have criticised this action.

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