Delhi, Bengaluru Airport Bomb Threat Was Fake, Callers Identified


Calls were received on Friday at the airports of Delhi and Bengaluru claiming that bombs were present on as many as six international flights, civil aviation officers told The Reporter-Times reporters.

The identities of the callers behind this scenario have been identified. All these calls were made by a single caller residing in Bangalore.

However, after the call, flights were checked thoroughly by CISF personnel along with the whole airport campus.

Delhi, Bengaluru Airport Bomb Threat Was Fake, Callers Identified

As of now, the airport authorities believes that it was just a hoax. As per the latest reports, it is known that these calls were received at the GMT call centre via which the authorities at airports came to know about it.

Out of total six flights, two were to fly for Hong Kong and one for Zurich. Hong Kongs flights were called back after receiving the calls for security purposes.

Likewise, at the Bangalore airport, the flights which were to fly to included Air France, Lufthansa, and Haj Flights. CISF declared these calls a trick after thorough security sweep.

The reports revealed those international flights for which the calls received are the flight number 9W078 to Hong Kong, flight no CX694 also to Hong Kong and flight no LX147 to Zurich.