Don’t turn murderers into heroes: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel


Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel have said to the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to stop supporting the murderers. Netanyahu have said them to act with some ‘responsibility’.

In his statement, Netanyahu have said

“Stop lying. Stop spreading nonsense. Stop inciting. A true leader must demonstrate responsibility. You must stop the incitement about the Temple Mount and about the legitimate defensive actions taken by Israelis who are attacked by murderers. You must fight the extremists that make innocent people pay so dearly.”

Videos was shared on the facebook page of Israeli Defence Forces repeatedly from last several weeks, showing the Palestine supporters creating insurgency for the Israeli forces. A video shared claims that a terrorist went on a violent rampage in Jerusalem with a vehicle and a butcher’s knife.

WARNING: Graphic contentThis morning, a terrorist went on a violent rampage in Jerusalem with a vehicle and a butcher’s knife. This is the danger we face. This is the result of Palestinian incitement.


Posted by Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Slamming the forces for supporting the murders, PM Benjamin Netanyahu added that

Here’s an example of what I mean. After an Arab boy fatally wounded a Jewish boy yesterday, security forces stopped him from continuing his stabbing spree. Soon after, the Palestinian Authority called the attacker a “martyr” who was executed unjustly. The thing is, the Arab boy is not dead; he is alive. He was not executed; he was attempting to execute others. Shame on those who twist the facts and distort reality in order to incite against Israel and the Jewish people.

Last week, PM of Israel have also questioned United Nations for not supporting his country, when they were in the problem.

With inputs from Benjamin Facebook Page

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