Earthquake in Taiwan: 5.6 Magnitude Tremor Felt In Yilan County and Taipei

Earthquake in Taiwan
Taiwan Earthquake on 12th May 2016

Earthquake in Taiwan: The quake felt at 11:17 am local time on Thursday morning. Its epicenter was found to be about 19 km east-southeast of Yilan County or 60 km southeast of Taipei. It was centered at about 17 km deep.

The Central Weather Bureau reported that Yilan County felt the strongest of all among the capital Taipei, Hualien County, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, and other cities.


Earthquake in Taiwan

The CWB said at it was measured 5.8 magnitude on the Richter scale. But, on the other hand, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) stated that it was 5.6. As of now, no immediate loss has been reported.

Being located along the Pacific Ring of Fire, Taiwan often receives moderate to strong earthquakes. In the recent times, the biggest quake that hit Taiwan was 7.6 magnitude in 1999. It engulfed the lives of more than 2,297 people while over 9000 were injured.

Taiwan Earthquake on 12th May 2016

On February 6, 2016, Taiwan was struck by a 6.4 magnitude quake which killed 117 people, and 500 were injured.

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