Experts Suggest Effective Ways Win The Online Lottery


Lottery result days are exciting; you anticipate your fate, watching over an app that lets you check the lottery results on your phone. This screen gazing goes on till the results are announced, and nearly everyone wants the results to be in their favor.

The temptation of prize money and the specs of adrenaline rush you experience till the results are declared is what makes the lottery so exciting. So, do you wish to score grand prize money via lottery drawings? If yes, keep reading, here you will find some effective winning advice structured on lottery expert support to help you win lottery games.

Note: There is no guaranteed way of winning a lottery. The numbers show up by chance, although there are ways by which you can turn odds in your favor and increase your chances of winning.

Here we go:

Tip 1: Try system bets

System bets are special kinds of bets that allow you to explore more selection combinations.

  • Unlike standard bet types, system bet lets you pick more numbers.
  • This bet gives out multiple combinations of numbers to select from, thereby advertently increasing your chances of victory.
  • Your chances are increased because choosing more numbers automatically translates to more victory shots as you are investing in more than one bet at a time.
  • Although you will have to pay more as you have widened your betting horizon.
  • This is the reason why many lottery syndicates invest in system bets, as it is easier for them as they divide the ticket costs. So the ticket cost them more as well as they saved their spots of winning via system bets.

Tip 2: Try to randomize your numbers choices

Many lottery prizes end up being divided among multiple winners due to similar number choices. The lottery is drawn at random; therefore, the numbers you choose should be picked at random too. However, that’s not the case.

  • A bunch of researchers from Stanford University and Bucknell University concluded a study that humans are incapable of picking out random numbers.
  • Each number a person picks, they subconsciously associate it with a special date like an anniversary or a birthday. In short, our brain pinpoints us the numbers that hold relevance to our lives, making it nearly impossible to pick up a random number.
  • Therefore, lottery experts suggest lottery players not to manually pick out numbers.
  • Instead, you could use quickies, a random number generator technology for picking out your ticket numbers.
  • Quicky randomly picks out ticket numbers based on certain algorithms.
  • This technology is often employed by lottery companies to randomly shuffle tickets and pick out winners.
  • Choosing your ticket numbers through Quickies can lower the chances of your ticket numbers matching with anyone else.
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Tip 3: The lottery prize shouldn’t be your primary deciding factor

Often it is observed that people decide which lottery they will play based on the prize money it offers.

  • However, your choice should not entirely circulate the prize money, but also on the odds of your chances.
  • Odds make a significant difference in lotteries, yet they are overlooked at times due to the hype of grand prize money.
  • So, before you decide which lottery you should play, consider its odds.
  • The bottom line is that the more the prize money, the more will be its contenders.
  • Enormous jackpot prizes tend to lure in more contenders and therefore decrease the overall odds of your victory.
  • You will be shocked to know that even a variance of 2 dollars can create a substantial difference of 290 million odds.
  • Therefore, before choosing your lottery game based on the jackpot prize, do some research and figure out the odds.
  • This will not only increase your chances of winning but also enhance your betting skills.

Tip 4: Avoid indulging in number system based choices

A research was conducted across all seven popular lotteries:

  • UK National Lottery
  • the Canadian Lottery
  • the German 6/49 Lottery
  • The Spanish La Primitiva Lottery
  • the South African National Lottery
  • the Polish Lotto
  • and the Greek Lottery


And the research revealed that the number that was repetitive in all victories was ’33’, and the number that did not make it even once was ’13’.

  • So, this research gave out a number system that concluded 33 to be the lucky lottery number whereas 13 to be the unlucky one.
  • This research, however, holds no scientific evidence as it was sheerly a case of repetitive probability.
  • You can choose these numbers as they are known to be drawn frequently, but they do not guarantee you a win.
  • Another number system formulae include picking out numbers based on visuals.
  • Many people pick numbers that form a shape on the ticket, and studies show that people usually prefer straight lines.
  • These preferences hold no scientific record but are carried out for the sheer sake of probability and odds.


This is all you need to know before investing in a lottery; you can check for lottery updates on platforms that let you check the lottery results on your phone and determine if it’s right for you or not based on the odds.

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