Father of ‘Syrian Child’ who made social media ‘cry’ is indulged in human trafficking


Father of Aylan Kurdi the Syrian Child who made social media cried because of him, is a people smuggler according to a woman who was an acquaintance to the family of Aylan alleged. The body of Aylan was washed up at a Turkish beach and whole social media has shared his picture as a mark of sympathy towards the Syrian Refugees. Afterwards, Syrian refugees hold admission in the United Kingdom by Prime Minister.

Zainab Abbas, Syrian Women who lost her nine-year-old son Haider and 11-year-old daughter Zainab when the dinghy overturn on September 2 while crossing the Syrian border. She alleged that Aylan’s father Abdullah Kurdi have arranged the entry of several refugees to Greece. She also added that the campaign was led by Abdullah Kurdi.

“He (Abdullah Kurdi) was a smuggler, he was the one driving the boat,” Abbas said, and her brother who was sitting with her translated.


Quoting the bad side of Human Trafficking going on in Syria. Abbas said she and Kurdi had met another man named Abu Hussain in a cafe and she had handed over $10,000 to get her family to Europe.

Abu Hussain who was indulged in helping the refugees quoted that the refugees will be safe as the captain of ship, in which they will travel; shall also have his family on board.

“Abdullah was speeding. There were too many people in the boat and not enough life jackets,” Abbas said.

The dinghy hit a wave and flipped over and Abbas’ two children drowned. Kurdi then pleaded with her not to turn him in, saying he had lost his sons and wife.
Later, Abbas heard Kurdi tell the media that a Turkish man was driving the boat.

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