Fox Lake Manhunt: Police says Woman’s Lie Diverted Them From Searching Illinois Police Officer’s Killers


Fox Lake Manhunt: There has been a latest development as reported by Fox News regarding the manhunt and killing of an Illinois police officer involved in it. The police searching for the culprits of that case said that the lie by woman diverted them from the case. She told the police officers that she had seen two men near the murder scene.

The woman named Kristen Kiefer has been charged for providing wrong information and disorderly conduct with an on-going police investigation. As per the latest reports, she was kept at Lake County jail waiting for the bond hearing.

The 30-year-old woman made a call to 911 at 9:20 pm local time in Volo which is about 5 miles south of the Fox Lake where Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was shot dead. On Tuesday, this incident happened while he was following three suspicious men into a swamp.

Kristen Kiefer, who lied about the manhunt of Fox Lake County

According to the police, she claimed to have seen two men – one white and one black, when she was on the road due to the car troubled her. Moreover, she said that they tried to get into the car but fled fearing that she would call the police.

Soon after her call, about 85 officials responded to the crime scene and later on they were joined by 11 police dogs and air support unit in the search which lasted for around 5 hours as reported by Lake County Sherrif’s Sgt. Christopher Covelli.

Police revealed that Kiefer admitted her real intentions to lying about the scene. Actually, she did so to attract the family attention’s where she serves as a nanny. The location was chosen because that area was very close to the location where the police officer was deadly shot.

Thursday marks the third day for the ongoing search for the culprits. As of now, the police has extended its search area to beyond the initial 2-square-mile perimeter.

Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Cmdr. George Filenko, who is the lead investigator for the case told the reporters that they will put the time limit on this, and would not stop as their own colleague has been shot down.

On Wednesday, at Fox Lake part, several people gathered for a vigil in memory of Gliniewicz who was popularly known as “G I Joe” in his community.

The police officer’s widow, Melanie Gliniewicz thanks all the people who came there for the vigil and offered their support. She was present there with her four sons and said that her world has now got a little bit smaller.