France started airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

The french military has started its first operation against ISIS in Syrian areas. According to a statement from the office of France’s presidency its the first attack from France against ISIS. Total of 6 aircrafts were used in the mission which are closely coordinated with the U.S.-led coalition

France is one of the country who is afraid of increasing ISIS popularity amongst the people. The country has finally announced to increase the radius of Aerial fight against the Islamic States in Syria. France was monitoring the position of militants from the past 1 year in Syria.

Image : Telegraph

The operations which has taken place last days were a part of observing and attacking the ISIS militants groups in Syria. “Our country confirms its firm commitment to the fight against the terrorist threat Daesh,” the govermental statement said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. “We will strike whenever our national security is at stake.”

President Francois Hollande have described the ISIS militants as an upcoming threat to France in the United Nations Assembly. “We reached our goal and the whole training camp of Islamic States was destroyed,” Hollande added making the assembly count feedback of air strikes.

Despite the “horrible acts” committed by ISIS, Hollande placed the blame for the Syrian crisis on the country’s long time strongman Bashar al-Assad. Holland says that Bashar is the main culprit who is responsible for insurgencies in border.



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