Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Timings / Tithi – 2015 Navratri Day 1

Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Timings / Tithi – 2015 Navratri Day 1: The most important rituals that is being practice from years during Navratri festival. Ghatasthapna is simply the beginning mark of nine days festival, Navratri. The Ghatasthapana includes preparation of Kalash. This ritual is dedicated to Goddess Shakti and we must do it on right time. If not done then the goddess may get upset.

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The Ghatasthapana must not be done  during night and Amavasya. The most fortune time of Ghatasthapna is the first one-third of the Day 1 followed by Pratipada. Simply, Ghatasthapana must be done before Hindu mid-day. Here in this post we will be sharing the items needed and steps for Kalassh preparation.

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Ghatasthapana Items

  • Wide and open Clay pot
  • Clean Soil
  • Sapta Dhanya or simply seeds of seven different grains
  • Small clay
  • Ganga Jal
  • Kalaya
  • Scent
  • Supari
  • Coins
  • 5 leaves of Mango or Ashoka tree
  • A lid for covering Kalashh
  • Raw Rice
  • Unpeeled Coconut
  • Red Cloth
  • Flowers
  • Durva grass

Kalash Preparation

Steps for the preparation of Kalash before doing Ghatasthapana are as follows:

  1. Take the wide clay pot and spread first the layer of clean soil and then sow the grains then the second layer of soil near the periphery of the pot. The final layer of soil onto the pot. You can also use little water to settle down the soil.
  2. Tie the kalaya thread on the neck of the Kalash and fill the same with Ganga Jal. Then drop Supari, Scent, Akshat, coins, and Durva grass. Before covering the lid of Kallash, set 5 leaves of Ashoka at the edge of Kalash.
  3. The last step is the covering of un-peeled coconut with red cloth. Tie kalaya around the coconut for fastening. This coc0nut prepared has to place on the top of Kalash which is made in step 2. Now, put the kalash in the center of clay pot prepared in step 1. This whole arrangement is the kalash.

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Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi

Watch the video below for Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi.

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