Hajj 2017 Live Streaming Info: Now Watch Mecca, the Holiest Site In Islam live on YouTube (Video)

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Hajj 2017 Live Streaming: Now it’s available to Watch Mecca, the Holiest Site in Islam Live Directly on YouTube, every year millions of Islamists visit the Mecca, but many of them left off this opportunity. Now with the help of technology, the live streaming of Mecca can be watched directly to your computer or mobile.

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Hajj 2017 is now being live streamed on YouTube by a channel of the UAE. The Saudi Quran TV and Makkah TV are currently telecasting the live stream from Mecca directly to your Mobile or Computer. The Saudi-owned news site Al Arabiya has a live blog for hajj coverage which you can track.

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Hajj 2017 Live Streaming

You can watch the 2017 Hajj live stream here below. Don’t forget to share and let others watch too.

Earlier this month, many of the pilgrims have been killed because of a crane accident in one of the holiest mosque of Muslims. Another unfortunate incident which mecca has faced earlier this month is a fire in the hotel from which around 1500 peoples were evacuated.

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Every able-bodied Muslim, male or female, who can afford the cost of the trip must make the journey at least once in his or her life to Mecca for Hajj. Hajj rites include circling the Kaaba, traveling between the mountains of Safa and Marwah, praying on the plains of Arafah and casting stones at pillars that represent the devil.

Providing the Live 2017 Hajj directly from Mecca to every part of the world is one of the technology utilization which will help the people for more connect with the Holy place for them.

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