Happy Birthday Narendra Modi: What makes Indian PM different from others – In Pictures

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Happy Birthday, Narendra Modi: Indian PM is often known as the only PM who had guts to do anything, even his top critics accept this fact. This gut feeling had made it possible to get a Prime Minister who didn’t feel shy talking about bad sanitation habits of the country. He dusted many dead pages of Indian history which result many endless discussions, but conclusions also derived.

Here are the 10 rare and less common pictures of PM Narendra Modi

When Modi decided to give an unplanned visit at Pakistan. The visit shocked the entire world. Modi was spotted in black sunglasses during his visit to China, making the moments irresistibly funny When Modi spares time to visit Siachen glacier in order to meet Army personals guarding the nation. Narendra Modi offering biscuits to his dog Always a music lover – Indian PM has a love to play instruments and get cozy with every culture around the world Too common for the first person of India – PM Modi traveled in Delhi Metro once which surprised the commuters as not much extensive security measures were taken. Narendra Modi has a special place in his heart for his mother. During a telecast with Facebook, he highlighted the time when his mother used to cook for him, burning her hands down. Her mother used to wash dishes for money. During NaMo regime, it’s made even possible that India could be a polio-free country in next few years. Once a traveler, always a traveler. Modi getting the snaps clicked while his ride in Ahmedabad. Who didn’t loves pop? Even Hugh Jackman joins PM Modi on stage while taking a pledge to eradicate poverty from the world.

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