Happy New Year 2016: Messages Wishes Images and Interesting Facts To Wish Your Loved Ones

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Happy New Year 2016 Messages Wishes Images: The New Year’s Day is just at the corner. Thus, people are getting themselves ready for the occasion. They must have planned in their own ways. However, most of them are unaware of the facts related to this big day.

For  most of the people, NewYear means making resolution (which most of them don’t follow), good food, party, wishing, events, awards show, relaxing at home, etc. Below are some of the interesting facts and tradition which you should know regarding it.

Happy New Year 2016 Messages Wishes Images

  • New Year resolutions are made by approximately 45% of the Americans out of which 25% don’t follow them. They start ignoring them in just a week’s span. Most of those resolutions are – to lose weight, start gym, save money, stay fit, quit smoking.

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  • This trend of celebrating the first day of the every year came into existence about 4000 years ago. It was introduced by the empire of Julius Caesar. 1st January was declared as the national holiday for the first time during his rule. As per the traditions of ancient Rome, 1st March marks the new year.
  • The first month of the year in the Georgon calendar, January was named after the Roman God of doors and gates, Janus. He is believed to have two faces – one ahead and other backward.
  • Italian people believes that wearing red underwear would bring good luck all year long.

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  • For prosperity, the tradition say to eat leafy greens and legumes on this day as it is believed that it brings properity because beans and peas look like coins.
  • The traditional song for this day is “Auld Lang Syne” which means “times gone by”. It was written in 1788 by the poet Robert Burns. It was added in the last scenen of “When Harry Met Sally”. It comes when Harry kisses Sally.
  • Every year, the Times Square of New York sees around a million people who come to see the ball drop caused by a ban on fireworks. It was first introduced in 1907 and at that time, it was about 700 pounds in weight and had 100 25-watt lights. As of now, it has been upgraded and it sports 32,000 LED light, weighs 2688 crystals and is 12 feet in diameter.

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