Images of New Indian Currency of Rs 500 and 2000 Rs Note Available: Old 500 & 1000 Rupees Notes Banned [Photos]

Old Rs 500 & 1000 Notes Banned: Images of New Rs 500, 2000 Indian Currency
New 500, 2000 Note Features, Dimensions, Identification

Images of New Indian Currency Rs 500, 2000 Rs Notes, Old 500 and 1000 Notes Discontinued: Do carefully bookmark this page because we are here with new notes of 500, 1000 and 2000 rupees exclusively for the readers of The Reporter Times. The pictures of these notes are confirmed now, and the notes are coming up with 7 lines on each side of the currency.

The line in the middle had been changed to green so that the contrast could be there. The embroidery designs behind the head of Mahatma Gandhi could resemble with Jaipuri print papers. Its truly the best made in Indian bank note. One can easily relate it with all the currencies found in European countries.

Images of New Indian Currency Rs 500, 2000 Rs Notes

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Exclusive pic of Rs 2000 new bank note issued by RBI Exclusive image of 2000 rs new bank note issued by RBI Exclusive photo of new 500 rs note issued by RBI Exclusive image of 500 rs new note issued by banks

The picture of 1000 rs note is coming up very soon we are in contact with high-level staff, and it could be issued anytime very soon.

We talked with the experts and found the fact that all the currencies will be available very soon in the market. You can get all these bank notes directly from the office of RBI from tomorrow or from the local bank itself.

Images of New Indian Currency Rs 500, 2000 Rs Notes, Old 500 and 1000 Notes Discontinued

Click here to know procedure of changing old notes. All the legal taxpayers and taxpayers with the salary of less than 20000 rs per month shall be allowed to take the money in full. However, the people who are hiding black money could suffer because of this.

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    • This is real surgical strike by the honorable PM to all black money holders. Garva hai Hume aap par shri Modiji. Jai Hind !

    • This is real surgical strike by the honorable PM to all black money holders. Garva hai Hume aap par shri Modiji. Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat ! Jay bjp sarkar ! $$$$$

      • Kya garv he? Ye decision modi ji ka jo he wo kuch time ke liye thik he bas, jab tak new notes ki duplicacy nahi a jaati..

        Or tab tak thik isiliye h ye decision ki tab tak logo ke yaha se black money nikalni chalu ho jayegi

        Agar notes plastic ke he toh thik he, becoz its almost impossible to duplicate the plastic notes, warna kuch time baad in new notes ki bhi duplicacy a jayegi market me, jo country abhi indian currency ki duplicate notes bana rahi he, wo thode time baad dubara new notes ka duplicate banana chalu kar denge…

        Or kuch time baad fir se aaj waala haal ho jayega,

        To kya modi ji dubara kuch time ke baad ye jo abhi new notes aye he unko dubara hata denge, n fir new notes le ayenge,

        Kya ye cycle ese hi chalti rahegi, maana decision acha he ye, but jo log jese abhi pareshan ho rahe he
        Wese dubara honge and baar baar honge,

        The solution is ki modi ji ko koi permanent solution sochna chahiye… taaki esi pareshani baar baar na jhelni pade….

    • इस ऐतिहासिक एवं गौरवमयी कार्य के लिए मोदी जी हमे आप पर गर्व है !

  1. I am a poor bus driver if the note becomes two thousand then all the charges will be increased than what’s the position of poor people

  2. Surely this step is appreciable. But modi must give us some time. Modi didn’t think about the general public of India. What will one do if-
    1. He is in a tour in another state and he has no 100rs note.(Will he be foodless?)
    2. One man has some social programmes like marrige or something and he has nt marketed till today!!
    3.If one has no change notes rather than 500rs or 1000rs and he has to market for meal for these two days !!!

    One can say that if time is given then black money will be changed to white.
    But I wanna to say that black money can be changed in 50 days by applying personal pewer. (THIS IS A RUDE TRUTH)

    • Tuhin correctly said. Aam janta was not kept in mind. Not the least getting a change for Rs 100 was difficult, what will lower class people do with a Rs 2000 note? Not the least , where corruption prevails black will be converted to white soon. With a little damage to them it will happen sooner or later.

      Do you think black money people must have kept quite they had time till 12 at night. A lot was done and will be done.

      • A good and very effective step to bring black into limelite….May our country be now corruption free….Thanks to PM…..

  3. It’s great to stop corruption and blackmoney but the pictures on notes should we changed with other freedom fighters

  4. Why issue 2000 notes in india

    And why again mr. Gandhi photo on the indian currency.

    Please replace the photo to mr A.P.J Abdul Kalam

    • Abdul kalam is a good scientist and good human but he is not a freedom fighter. Gandhi is one of the best freedom fighter,others are his followers.

  5. Indian government take a very good decision for banning the notes of 500 and 1000 it no only effect the black money in india but also it clearly wipeout the trend of fake note

  6. Really a very good incentive taken by P.M. Modi. Its appreciatable. I think this incentive will solve the controversy of black money upto some level.

  7. Very Good decision take by Our PM. Thanks for your ( Modi Ji) initiative for making corruption and black money free India

  8. Very good decision

    Thank u modiji first step for corruption gone from India ……….best and brave ………

  9. For every advantage there is a disadvantage and for every fact there is no defect prove my statement wrong
    Police have one way but Political robbers have 101 ways

  10. Nice decision…
    I salute u for what u r doing sir….
    Corruption will be eliminated soon. And so the black money…
    I Hope a better nation is on its way to future

  11. thanx to the pm modi sir,

    now black stockers will learn some lesson from this step by the indian government.

  12. Absolutely right decision by modi but frankly i just want ask one question for modiji Will village people be able to subbmite all 500rs and 1000rs note after 30 december?

  13. Yas we have to do something .maybe it possible or impossible whatever .thangs fore Indian government and BJP party ????????????????????????

  14. Modiji is correct and I like his thoughts.but there will be no changes in the black will be shocking for black money makers..but later they will make black money of new notes..

  15. Very good modiji. But security par dyan dijiye,terror khali haath ho gaya lut paat karenge,dhyan se…thanks

  16. it is a great step ahead towards developing nation & anti mission which opposes black money & corruption….we salute Modi Govt. for their new step

  17. Dear Sir,

    I am Very Happy for your decision. All black money open-out in market nothing to any change for corruption.
    Best of luck sir, your next all decisions

  18. The Indian government has being 500 & 1000 rupees Absolutely right decision by our PM NARENDRA MODI Sir…..


  20. Right dicision you had taken modiji…now those who has not have bank account they will be make their account rapidly and now mostly will be join with banks this is real the formula for making india digital. I always want the pm that are you.

  21. Respected narendra modiji
    I have one request to you.
    Request is that change the gujarat from drive state because here is too corruption all says wine/alcohol is ban /prohibited in gujarat but reality is these more alcohol wines business are ahead here .police also know about it but they takes money in black with them called (hafta). I’m going to tell you in short now request is this you make the gujarat free state then drive state.number of gujarati people likes to drink alcohol . i’m from surat here in surat people are surti,khatri,rabari,wagri and other gujarati loves wines …and you will be /can also get taxes from wines company.
    Pavan chaudhary.

  22. Govt. Banned the current Rs.500 and 1000 is welcome. Not sure of the logic to introduce new Rs.500 and 2000. Higher value money will create same black money issues in few weeks / months..

    It would have been nice if Stopped the production of Rs.500 and 2000/- completely.

  23. it is a great step ahead towards developing nation & anti mission which opposes black money & corruption….
    Best step of PM NARENDRA MODI JI to visible to black money

  24. I salute modiji to this historical decision. Now, the people of india realize the reason for the bank account is must to every citizen of India.

    Namaste Modi ji!!!

    No one cannot take such bold decision only India’s second Iron Man (Modi ji).

    Now I realy feel that Our Nation travelling towards growth!!!

  25. this is the best way to catch all the corrup minister also you are so brave pm of india no one no pm or prisident of the world can have a such good thinking like u thank you pm ji for making such a good chain in india

  26. wah modi g wah jio jio 100 varsh jio a desh ne tamari khubaj jarur chhe karu dhan bare avij jase modi g ne jay ranchhod

  27. I hope this is just the game of politics, what if current ruling parties have already converted their currencies into other sources like gold, silver,,..etc..then bringing this move suddenly to defeat opposition parties……?

    These ruling parties would have safe guarded their money for future elections, of-course they have made opposition parties financial weaker.

    This move solves the problem of bringing out present black money, what is the steps for stopping of black money with ruling parties after this move…….?

    I suggest, every politician & rich houses & properties to be raided to make this mission complete.

  28. PM Modi shud gve us sme tme, he only thnks about black money but he never thnk about general public of India. Wht about those soldiers who all wr posted to tough areas lke siachin glacier , loc n all borders of china. They withdraw their cash fully for 5 to 6 mnths bcse in between these dys they cnt go to the bank or ATM, nw wt they wll do bcse they Christmas lve thr post duty n go to bank. Modi ji plss thnk about all especially to those whu all wr serving to this nation bcse jst bcse of them only u all wr sleeping free of mnd all night.

  29. Superb, it is a master decision by our PM Modi ji. Now at present poor and middle class people are the rich people in our country.

  30. I support Mr Modi’s decision. People who will suffer are those:
    1. who do not have bank accounts
    2. Tourists who have exchanged money and they do not have the time to stand in the queue as they have limited time.
    Tourists should be given priority at the airport to change the notes without wasting their time.

  31. Respected PM modi ji ,

    This is the graet decision for stop to currption but on note ghandhi photo not good .It is better you should change the photo .The perfect photo for Indian currency of Dr. B.R Ambedkar .He brought the humunty in india and similirty in Indian.


  32. Thanku sir
    हमें गर्व है प्रधान मंत्री जी पर ये कदम हमारे देश को अवश्य बल देगा प्रधान मंत्री जी का ये कदम सराहनिय है

    Thanku thanku thanku thanku dil se sir thanku

  33. It is a very excellent clue obtained by honourable pm.this clue compails the people to take out black money and deposit it into any bank. A lot of thanks pm of India.

  34. Honourable Modiji. This is the most brave and intelligent decision from you to purify our country’s economy. It will be totally pure if u take such steps to CURB BRIBE now.
    A million thanks.

  35. mai Gyandeep Modi ji ap bahut hi badhiya
    kaam kiye hai choro ka kulasa hoga yafeer chori Band hojayegi Thanks for solution black ? money

  36. thanks Modi Ji apke is nirney se mai or mera pariwar bahut kush h lekin es din chariya me fas ker 2 din ke liye bahut paresan b h do din se kuch kam nhi ho pa rha h papa driver h customer to 500 or 1000 ke hi not de rhe h jisse bahot paresani ho rhi h ghar karch me b problem ho rhi h
    But I am Very Happy
    This GooD DecisioN

  37. Thanks for our pm modiji to do such a great things for our indian poor people…and it is bad for those who had hold up the black money and we thanks you so much for it ….jay hind

  38. In back side of Rs.2000/-note it is written ” DON HAZAR RUPEYA ” in Hindi.
    Whay not ” DO HAZAR RUPEYA”.

    Please comment.

  39. kuchh galat logo ko dudne ke liye sabhi ko jail me dal dena sahi hai. hamare desh ka kannon bhi hai ki 100 guneghar chhut jaye par ek begunah ko saja nahi honi chahiye .ye karne se kya ab black money produce nahi hogi .


  41. vriy good sr Cheng the cantriy and sev that sansekriti I am Indian and produf you sr. and black mini main panisd..

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