Critical analysis of video released by ‘Pakistan Defence’ of Indian Navy Officer ‘Kulbhushan Yadav’


According to a video posted by Pakistan Defence named Facebook page, the accused which was captured by Pakistan Army for planning instability in Balochistan is in excellent condition. Apparently not a single scratch can be seen on his face and he is exposing the truth of India very quickly.

The arrested man is a former Indian Navy officer; he was no longer a serving official of the Indian armed forces according to an article quoted by Dawn News. And the passport cited issued on the fake name is of the year 2014, but as he spoke in the video, he was doing these activities in 2013. So how can a person who have issued a passport in 2014 go to Iran on the fake name in 2013?

In the video, it was written that Kulbhushan Yadav is an Indian Army Officer with Indian Navy Number 41558Z, which is a powerful introduction to making the video look very attractive.

The conditions are not same all the time with RAW Agents, Its the first time an RAW agent is speaking everything in a video without hesitation for a single moment. The shocking part is, he is even smiling in the last part of the video.

He has stopped for two times in the video; Once he was saying ” I am arranging gatherings for Indian Govt and then replaced his words with ‘agencies’. The second time he has to speak a line “which can lead to maiming or killing of the people of Pakistan” and he stopped for around 2 seconds while pronouncing a difficult word like maiming. Indian Officers are well trained in English and have excellent grammatical skills and multilingual knowledge.

According to the video, his house address is 502 -B, Hindrandani Garden, Silver Oak Powai, Mumbai.  And the surprising part of the video is, they even got a snapshot of his house.


Indian RAW Spy Speaks Out.

Serving R&AW officer Commander Kulbhushan Yadav speaks out in a video statement about his activities in Pakistan. The terrorist explains abetting the cold blooded murder of Pakistani civilians. He clearly states supporting separatist militants in Balochistan and creating law and order situation in Karachi by invoking secterian strife between various Muslim sects. – SHARE – TAG.

Posted by Pakistan Defence on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

He said RAW involved in the various activities of Baloch Liberation Movement, But wait here is a statement of international journalist Tarek Fatah on the same. He said on Twitter “Pakistani Punjabis after committing genocide in #Bangladesh & #Balochistan, slaughtering Pashtuns & Sindhis, r upset at me for exposing them.”

Fourth thing, he is defining his activities as criminal and anti nationals. It’s very hard to understand why a dedicated RAW officer is speaking like Pakistan’s General Raheel Sharif.

At the last, he thanked Pakistan. Yes, you’re reading it right, according to Pakistan, the naval officer acknowledged them. By the way, the days did not go when Indian Army officers hadn’t said a word even after repeated torchers.

The video seems completely fraudulent in first observation as per the facts and these type of activities didn’t suit to a nation like Pakistan, who is the nuclear power and accused of selling its atomic bombs illegally to North Korea. The rest decision is of courts and other responsible bodies

Moreover, Hosting a declared terrorist of United Nations is something highlights the double-faced policy of the country.

It was just a small analysis of the facts stated earlier in video posted by Pakistan and response from India’s side.

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