Mark Zuckerberg justifies ‘’ as the ‘basic need’ of many people


When asked about net neutrality and the facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg replied in very calm manner when he explains why ‘’ is important to empower some people throughout the world.

In his statement, Mark said “The countries are figuring out on their own what the regulations would be for Net Neutrality. What we are trying to do, since the Internet is expensive and you can’t provide the whole internet for free; basic programs, anything that is basically test, low bandwidth would be free. It is really imp that we have regulations that prevent companies from doing things that hurt people. For example if an operator is charging you extra or is making you pay more, regulations is going to prevent that. Good Net Neutrality provisions help people,”


But on contrary, net neutrality activists have said that is a medium to narrow the space on internet and making it more focussed on facebook and alied services only. The activists have claimed that other services can also be provided for free.

However, Mark Zuckerberg also agreed on one point of the social world that there are regulations in other countries specially in USA and Canada to make sure that a person would not been charged for using a service on internet. The cost could be minimised but not maximised.

Last month the founder of WWW have urged the people to say a complete no to the

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