Meat Ban In Bengaluru: Will Not Be Sold On Thursday, Ganesh Chaturthi


Bengaluru has become the latest city to impose the meat ban for one day, i.e., Thursday on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. This decision has been made amidst the controversies prevailing in Mumbai and five other cities on the same decision.

Congress-Janata Dal (Secular)- controlled city civic body BBMP has announced that IT city of Karnataka will not do any kind of business related to meat and thus meat shops, butcher houses, etc. will remain close on the festival day. The officials have reported and quoted saying that this ban of meat sale has been in continual process for the last 5 years. As of result, meat is not sold for a period of 5-6 days including the day of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti – October 2.

However, the point to be noted is that the ban has been imposed by the first state ruled by Congress this year. This has drawn attention on a large scale amid a row in other states.

Earlier, it was announced that meat ban period would be for four days but now it has been reduced to just one day by the city’s civic body and finally put on hold by a court due to the protests by opposition political parties and this has been a huge debate topic as of now.

This ban of meat and slaughtering of animals was started during the holy festival period of Jain religion – Paryushan. But, the mutton traders challenged this decision and court criticized it by regarding it as a “regressive step” in “progressive” Mumbai.

This ban came into existence in the year 1994 by the then Congress government. Later on, in 2004, it was extended to four days but was never observed in real sense until the recent orders.

The list of BJP ruled states which have implemented the meet ban includes Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, and Chhattisgarh during the Jain fasting period – Paryushan.

Haryana has implemented this kind of ban for the very first time, but when protests and objections were raised, the state government cleared that it is not mandatory.

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While Rajasthan has been following it since 2008 in the ruling period of both the parties – BJP and Congress governments. This year, it saw an increase of one more day which raised the eyebrows of many groups.

Like every, the slaughtering of cattle has been banned for a week in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state of India.