New Currency notes of 500 / 2000 rs can be identified under UV Light: Features


New Currency notes hidden feature: We are telling you an exclusive fact about the latest currency notes of 500 and 2000 rupees which hasn’t been revealed by any media. The fact remain undisclosed by Reserve Bank of India for unknown reasons. This feature was not yet available in Indian currencies till the date but now it has been added to the currency.

Some news channels reported that there is a RFID tag in new Indian currency but that turns out to be a hoax created to get views. But the fact we are going to tell you has been spotted working lively. Even the best critics of rs 2000 note will accept that the note is designed very much professionally.

This feature of New Currency notes of 500 and 2000 rs is better known as colour differentiation under UV light. Note changes color automatically when bought under the ultraviolet rays. Many developed nations use this feature to secure their currency from frauds.

India had developed one of the most yet complicated UV Print which can take nights of duplicate currency mafia to copy the same. The feature developed by Indian Govt is not just hard to copy but impossible in many cases.


When bought under the light of UV Torch, new 2000₹ note changes its color and a beautiful combination of colours can be seen with the lights. There are two curves in the actual note. First one is behind Gandhi’s face and its widely curved in comparison to the other one.

The other curve, which is after the Gandhi’s head could be seen less curvy in comparison to the first one. At the same time, its important to note that no blue line crosses the image of Mahatma Gandhi which gives an irresistible glamour to the new 2000₹ note.

Another great feature of new 2000 rs note is that the note by the RBI Governor with written information that ‘I promised to pay bearer amount of 2000’ is highlighted when bought under the UV scanner and at the same time the color of strip showing different colors under the sunlight also changes

This was the most exciting feature of rs 2000 note among the already revealed features. The New Currency notes had met expectations of the common people, but government has the real challenge in exchanging the New Currency notes in every house around the country.

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