Solar Eclipse 2016 Live Streaming Info: When and How To Watch ‘Ring of Fire’ Online On 1st September (Surya Grahan)

Solar Eclipse 2016 Live Streaming
Solar Eclipse 2016 Live Streaming

Solar Eclipse 2016 Live Streaming: Tomorrow morning, we all are going to witness an annual event. The partial solar eclipse will restrict the sunlight to enter the earth, but at limited locations. It will be a beautiful ring of fire formed due to the passing of Moon between the Sun and the Earth.

It occurs every once a year when the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and prevents the sunlight to fall on the Earth. It darkens our home planet. However, it isn’t a total eclipse but a partial one. It results in creating a ring of sunlight and thus known as the ‘ring of fire.’

Solar Eclipse 2016 Live Streaming

In India, it won’t be visible. However, the glimpse can be taken from the southern Indian Ocean. The best spots to watch the astrological happening are southern Africa and northern Madagascar. It will start at 9:08 am local time (2:08 am EDT or 11:30 am IST).

Sky watchers and fans are finding their favorite locations in Tanzania and Reunion (an island east of Madagascar) to watch at least a part of the phenomenal celestial event which is to take place tomorrow.

“According to me, only dedicated amateur astronomers will travel like the same for the annular eclipse. It’s really fun to do so as well as dramatic. If it were the total eclipse, we would have encouraged everybody to travel to try this,” Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer told us.

The 10-minute long eclipse will be visible along a thin line running through African countries: Gabon, Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Madagascar.

Where to watch the Solar Eclipse 2016 Live Streaming?

If it’s not possible for you to go to Tanzania or it isn’t going to be visible in your nation, then the best alternative for you to watch the same is to track the celestial event from NASA’s interactive Google map.

An online observatory named Slooh will make the live coverage of the event visible and watchable for us. The same organization has already live streamed many such celestial events. With its help, the sky gazers will be able to watch solar eclipse online for free and without going anywhere.

We request the observers to not to look directly at the sun with naked eyes during an eclipse. It may cause severe vision damage.

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