Super Blood Moon 2015 Live Stream Info: When and Where to See the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

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Super Blood Moon 2015 Live Stream – Supermoon Lunar Eclipse: It may sound like something comic or unreal but it is happening today – September 27 – night to next morning. During supermoon period, moons appear 14% larger and 33% brighter than ever due to the excessive scattering of light by earth’s atmosphere.

It will be followed by a lunar eclipse, i.e., the earth, the sun, and the moon will be in a straight line for some time. The moon will be completely hidden. It starts within the Sunday evening with a partial eclipse. In about an hour, the total phase will be seen. Later on, the moon will move and it will be again a partial lunar eclipse by early Monday morning.

Super Blood Moon 2015 Live Stream – Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

How rare it is?

It was last seen back in 1982 and next time it will occur in 2033. That’s a large period of time.

However, lunar eclipses are common but at maximum time, they fall at 3 to 4 am in the morning. But, this one is going to happen in prime time.

If you want to witness it, then it can be watched with naked unlike a solar eclipse. You can star at  the sun but can look for as long as you want. Additionally, you can click photos.

It can be seen anywhere on earth, so pick up and choose your best location. But the important thing is, the sky should be clear and less light pollution.

It will be visible with naked eyes, but you can sport binoculars or a telescope after switching off the flood lights.

Some tips to take photographs:

Long exposure won’t help much because the relative speed of the moon and the earth is faster that you think.

Take snaps placing camera on tripod and steadying it. Don’t use programs, aperture or shutter priority automatically. Do all things manually to get the best shot. Slow shutter speed would be better but not a very slow one.

The preferntial speed of the shutter should be 1/5th or 1/8th of a second. High aperture of about f8 or f5.6 can be used, but will depend on the bloodiness or darker tint of the super blood moon 2015.

There should be no light source while taking photos. If you want to look like it bigger or to compare how big is this moon than other moons, then place a tree, a barn, a building or something like that. A tree will also work.

Then, get ready and shot a hell lot of photos. Later on, you can make a digital film of all those photos to play around with different exposures and camera settings to get the picture you want.

Super Blood Moon 2015 Live Stream

The Slooh Community Observatory will livestreamthe event which will start at 8 pm ET. It will feature eclipse’s views from several continents, including a broadcast from Stonehenge.

NASA TV will also broadcast it on its own link at 8 pm ET starting at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, followed by live feed from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, and the Fernbank Observatory in Atlanta. Below is the video. stream it.

Stay tuned with us for more updates.


  1. The coming total lunar eclipse on Sunday ( 27 – 28 September) has certain distinguishing features such as : (1). It is combining with supermoon ( perigee Moon ), (2) It is the fourth total lunar eclipse in series, (3). Energies being generated by planets such as Saturn, Mars, Jupiter , Rahu and Ketu ( Nodes of the Moon) as carriers of these lunar eclipses in contemporary times are not as positive as human beings would have wished . The likely impact of the said phenomenon on earth and its inhabitants was explained by this Vedic astrology writer in article – “Total lunar eclipse of 28 September 2015 and the world”- published in June 2015 in Summer 2015 issue of The Astrologer’s Notebook , a quarterly publication in print from North Port, Florida. Readers may like to know that impacts of such celetial phenomena are not confined to the day these occur. The eclipse comes to 27 September in some parts of west. Some months before and after also, the impact remains. Already in contemporary times recently , these happenings have hit the headlines of newspapers : migrant refugee crisis in Europe, global economy slowdown, volcano eruptions, huge tragedy in holy shrine of Mecca , devastating 8.3 magnitude earthquake in Chile, massive fire in California and elsewhere, threats of war by different countries, burning Middle East, unprecedented happenings in Japan, China and Thailand , danger to food crops by drought, floods, inhospitable weather and storms . It looks as if there is widespread environment of uncertainty. Are these uncommon or unusual happenings not a sign of said phenomena on 27 September 2015 ? But if by these phenomenon, world coming to an end or total extinction of mankind is meant, this writer does not subscribe to that opinion or prediction. Mankind is undoubtedly passing through tougher , harder and critical times which may likely cause before mid – 2016 wider damage or harm but end time of mankind as feared by some is neither disclosed nor supported by planetary impacts mentioned here.

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