Supermoon 2019 Live Streaming Info: Date, Time, How To Watch Super Moon Online


Watch Supermoon 2019 Live Streaming Online: The first three full moons of 2019 are going to be supermoons. The Supermoon date is January 21, February 19, and March 21, 2018. The full moon on 19th February will be the brightest of all in 2019. The distance between moon and earth will be only 357,715 km, 356,846 km, and 360,772 km respectively.

NASA had publicly issued a statement governing that it’s the largest moon since many years and young astronomers around the world can also visit space centers to enjoy the day. In many countries including America, the moon shall be seen before the sunset. According to the official statements, the best view of Supermoon could be enjoyed only on Monday evening and night.

Supermoon 2019 Live Streaming

The spectacular natural gaze will walk your hearts away when observed from naked eyes. At some places, it also came as an opportunity for the photographers. It’s not easy to capture moon distance and velocity from normal cameras and only a trained professional can do that. During 2019, we will watch three supermoon live streaming in total.

First in January, then in February and finally followed by March. The expert believes that the size of the moon could be seen through naked eyes would be almost double of the actual moon. While some scientists claim it would be 130% in circumference. (check: total solar eclipse.)

Supermoon usually happens because of moon’s orbit which is shaped like an ellipse (Oval) and keeps on changing its actual position. When the best time came, it’s referred to as the supermoon and you can watch it live right here.

“The difference in distance from one night to the next will be very subtle. Any time after sunset should be fine. Since the moon is full, it will rise at nearly the same time as the sunset. One does not have to stay up all night to see it unless you really want to!” Noah Petro, the deputy project scientist for NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission, stated in a statement.

  • Full moon distance (2020 Mar 09): 357,404 km
    Full moon distance (2020 Apr 08): 357,035 km
    Full moon distance (2020 May 07): 361,184 km

The closest full moon of the 21st century will fall on December 6, 2052 (356,425 km). Supermoons don’t look bigger to the eye than ordinary full moons, although experienced observers say they can detect a difference.

But supermoons do look brighter than ordinary full moons! The angular diameter of a supermoon is about 7 percent greater than that of the average-size full moon and 14 percent greater than the angular diameter of a micro-moon (year’s farthest and smallest full moon). Yet, a supermoon exceeds the area (disk size) and brightness of an average-size full moon by some 15 percent – and the micro-moon by some 30 percent.

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