Swap Ideas Day 2015: Celebrate With 4 Steps To Better Understanding


Swap Ideas Day 2015: Every year, September 10 is celebrated as the SwapIdeasDay. It is observed to connect with other people in order to increase networking and exchange thoughts and concepts.

We all are in a habit of exchanging ideas with every other person to whom we discuss anything, but we don’t realize this thing. This day is observed to make a precise effort to increase the brainstorming.

The following four brainstorming tips can be utilized for better ideation without taking any extra efforts.

  • Bring in people from another department
  • Go somewhere new
  • Take a break
  • Follow up

Swap Ideas Day

There is no record when this day came into existence. According to beliefs, Robert Birch is considered to be its creator. Well, only this is not his crazy invention, but he created other several crazy celebrations like Lumpy Rug Day, Trivia Day, and Nothing Day.


The basic behind this particular day is to share one’s ideas with others in order to increase creativity and network to share ideas. However, there is no general rule set for doing this, which makes it an ideal opportunity to make use of it in any desired manner to celebrate this day as creative and wacky as they could.

Swap Ideas Day 2015

Keep swapping / exchanging ideas with other people and use #NationalSwapIdeasDay to post on social media.

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