Who Killed Tara Grinstead? Ryan Duke v/s Bo Dukes


Tara Grinstead murder case: Sometimes, automation could go wrong. Especially when the talks are about sensitive court orders. While Jury acquitted Ryan Duke of all charges in the Tara Grinstead murder case on Friday, Google AI showed him as the top result for “Who Killed Tara Grinstead.”

Ryan Duke was arrested in March 2017 by GBI and charged in the 2005 Tara Grinstead murder case. Later after a lot of courtroom tussle, Ryan was finally acquitted on Friday after Jury found him not guilty. Ryan confessed to the Jury about his best friend Bo Dukes, which made the judges and jury believe in him.

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According to reports, Ryan Duke confessed to GBI about his role in killing Tara and disposing of her body.

The story began in 2005 when Tara Grinstead’s murder case was just fresh. Ryan Duke and Bo Dukes started bragging about their involvement in her death after she went missing. According to their clam, they burned the body in a pecan orchard.


The case remained in close bunkers after little update or information around the real culprit in the Tara Grinstead murder case. In 2017, a new tip arrived when Bo Dukes decided to rant Ryan Duke out to GBI.

According to the Ryan Duke’s written confession to the GBI – According to the alleged note, Ryan wrote – “Words are useless, but I am burdened with the guilt of murdering Miss Grinstead”

Bo Dukes earlier claimed that Ryan Duke single handily killed the victim and burned her body. As the years passed by – His confession changed. He started admitting that he was an accomplice in disposing of the body while Ryan Duke was the one who murdered her.

Ryan, who confessed everything to the GBI, started taking a stand for himself during the last few weeks of the trial. He changed the entire story by alleging that he was under coercion by Bo Dukes.

“He said he killed Tara,” Duke testified.

While Ryan Duke testified and Bo Dukes refused to testify by enforcing his fifth amendment rights, the jury started taking close observations on both accused.

Ryan Duke’s sentence will be decided on Monday. According to legal experts, he could be charged with up to 10 years in prison. However, he had already spent 5 years in prison earlier.

The trial started after Bo Dukes, a high school friend of Ryan Duke, was sentenced for camouflaging Grinstead’s death, which led investigators to Ryan Duke.

Bo Dukes and Ryan Duke Conviction in Tara Grinstead murder case

Bo Dukes: Convicted in Tara Grinstead murder case. Sentenced to 25-years in prison.

Ryan Duke: Not Convicted in Tara Grinstead murder case. Found guilty of concealing the murder.

Google’s Featured Snippet Messup Charged Ryan Duke

When anyone searches on Google – “who killed tara grinstead,” they’re shown this featured snippet which picks the lines from the article from ajc.com‘s article finding Ryan Duke guilty of the murder.

This was not the first time Google AI gave wrong information on sensitive topics; earlier, Google Featured Snippet AI claimed Former president Obama was for planning a coup.

We checked Ajc.com’s article. The article nowhere mentions that Ryan Duke is charged with murder by Jury.

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