UK : Muslim Women in Hijab are More Fated to be Attacked


According to some monitoring groups in the United Kingdom, Muslim women wearing Hijab or Burka are more fated to be attacked in the UK. Burka is infamous in UK and ‘Hijab’ or Handcuff are mostly used.

Fiyaz Mughal, director of UK-based Tell Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) Said that “We realised that at a street-level Muslim women who were apparent and wore the Hijab or the headscarf, were suffering more scapegoated abuse,” The organisation is monitoring the Islamophobic attacks.

Ironically Quran has quoted Burka, Hijab or any other possible coverup of the body to save the women from Devils, but here the things are going wrong.

“We also apprehended quite early on that women who wear Niqab, the face cover, suffered more aggressive incidents — there was something about the face veil that in a way brought out the immoral in the perpetrator,” he added.

Verbal abuse to violent assaults many attacks were faced by women in over the past decade in the UK. Some attackers have even threatened them to burn them with a liquid.  Assailants tearing off ‘niqabs’ or veils is one of the common abuse against women.

As many as 60 percents of Islamophobia victims were women, the association claimed.

This all comes after the incidence which was recorded on CCTV.  When Shocking hijab-wearing woman is attacked from behind and knocked to the floor unconscious as police reveal huge rise in hate crimes against Muslims in Britain.


This also comes as latest Scotland Yard illustrations show that Islamophobic crimes against Muslims in London have gone up by 70 percent over the past year.

“Women suffer more incidents, and more aggressive incidents of hate,” he told Al Arabiya News.

One reason behind this is the visibility of those women who chose to cover their heads and faces, Mughal said. For those perpetrating the attacks, face coverings “visualise ‘the other’ very clearly,” he said.

But while women are more likely to attract the “hate and the venom” of racist attackers, they are far less likely to come forward and report incidents, said Mussurut Zia, general secretary of the Muslim Women’s Network UK.

She said there are an increasing number of such hate crimes happening across the country – not just in London.

“I know of people who have had their hijabs pulled, who have been kicked, who have had their niqabs (veils) pulled off, people who have been assaulted, pushed and shoved and threatened with lighter fluid,” she said.

The Metropolitan Police defines ‘Islamophobic’ crime as any offence intended to affect those known or perceived to be Muslim.

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