Who is Salvador Ramos, the teenager shooter of Robb Elementary School mass shooting in Uvalde Texas?

Who is Salvador Ramos, the teenager shooter behind the Robb Elementary School mass shooting in Uvalde Texas?
Who is Salvador Ramos, the teenager shooter behind the Robb Elementary School mass shooting in Uvalde Texas?

Salvador Ramos has been identified as the shooter behind the Rob Elementary School mass shooting in Texas. The teenager Ramos murdered 19 children and 2 teachers. The 18-year-old purchased two assault weapons as a gift for himself on his 18th birthday. He carried out the worst school shooting in nearly a decade.

The mass shooting began when Salvador shot his own grandmother. Then, he crashed his car near the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. After that, he launched a bloody rampage at the school, and in the process, the police shot him dead.

The officials told correspondent of The Reporter Times that Ramos’ grandmother survived the shooting after being airlifted to a hospital. However, her current condition is unknown yet.

CNN reported that Ramos shared the photos of rifle and ammunition with a former classmate a couple of days before he attacked the school. His former classmates told TheReporterTimes that he sent the photos four days prior to the shooting. He had an AR and 5.56 rounds in the backpack.

When the classmate asked Salvador why did he have the gun and ammunition, Ramos asked him not to worry. Then, he texted the classmate that he looks very different now, and wouldn’t be easily recognized.

Was Salvador Ramos bullied in school?

Reportedly, Ramos was bullied as a child and mocked for his lips. Other reports say that he endured gay slurs and people made fun of his clothing.

Ramos used to work at the local Wendy’s, a fast food chain in the US. His former colleague told TheReporterTimes of his aggressive streak. The former colleague said that Salvador was kinda very rude sometimes, threatened girls and one cook by saying if they knew who he was. He had also sent inappropriate texts to the ladies.


What Salvador Ramos’ Manager & Co-Workers Said

The local Wendy’s manager where Ramos worked for a year said that he used to keep most of the things to himself. He quit the fast food joint a month ago. Per manager, Salvador was not much friendly with the other staff. None of the colleagues really knew him. Another coworker said that he didn’t like to socialize much. She added that there are videos of him trying to fight people with boxing gloves that he used to take with him.

Salvador Ramos Revealed His Plans Beforehand on Instagram

After the carnage carried out by Ramos, a woman posted some screenshots of her private messages with Ramos’ Instagram account @salv8dor_. On the day, he shot school kids and teachers, Ramos had messaged her around 5 am saying that he is about to. When the girl tried to enquire and ask what he was up to, he didn’t let her know clearly. He just said that she will get to know it before 11, and he has got a little secret for her.

He carried out the attack on Tuesday just before noon. Ramos had posted a photo of both rifles tagging the same lady. The woman claimed that she barely knew Ramos and he had previously tagged her in photos of guns. On Tuesday, the lady revealed to police that she had been in contact with Ramos.

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