Women got 26 Years Imprisonment for microwaving infant daughter to death

Shocking incident has been found in California when a mother of an infant daughter puts the child in a burning microwave to roast her. The infant child was only a year old when this shocking incident took place.

Lady named ‘Ka Yang’ is now sentenced with a jail for 26 years for the 34-year-old mom. The sentence could also be extended for the life, as the case may be. The given case is around 4 years old and after listening both the parties judge have come to a conclusion of putt ing the mom in jail.

Ka Yang, 34, was pronounced sinful in November of first-degree murder and assault on a child after baby Mirabelle Thao-Lo was observed dead at the family home in Sacremento, California, in March 2011.

Evidence presented during the trial clearly revealed in front of authorities and the baby girl was discovered with burns covering 60% of her body, including radiation burns, but her hair and clothing were not singed. The case was looking perfectly of a high degree torcher and murder, later some theories also came that the murder could be to eat the child.

While giving her statement, Yang initially told investigators she had been working at a computer with Mirabelle in her arms when she blacked out and when she woke up, she found all this happened.

After the discrepancies in her fabrication were pointed out Yang finally accepted she had lied, and suggested she had a split personality.


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