Happy Memorial Day 2016 Quotes and Sayings To Honor Sacrifices of Armed Forces Dead Heroes

Happy Memorial Day 2016 Quotes Sayings Wishes Messages Greetings Whatsapp Status Images Photos: The very special day dedicated to the dead personnel of the USA armed forces has arrived. Moreover, it is also related to the unofficial starting of the Summer season. It is observed on the last Monday of May every year. (watch: Game of Thrones season 6 episode 6.)

The event was carved out to honor the Americans who died while serving their country on the battlefield. It came into existence after the Civil War in 1868. Most of the people confuse it with the Veterans Day. But, they have a significant difference. Veterans Day is celebrated for both dead and alive US military people.

Happy Memorial Day 2016 Quotes

Earlier, this day was celebrated as the Decoration Day, and it continued for many years. At that time, there was an active group who used to decorate the graves of people who died while serving the nation.

After some years, May 30 was declared as the official date for the day, but afterward, it was again shifted, and the last Monday of May was made final for the observation. It was done by Congress so that federal employees can get a long weekend.

Every event (festival or occasion) is celebrated in its own way. But the standard part which comes out is the wishing and sending of the cards, quotes, poems, sayings, messages, status on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp) profiles, etc.

Similarly, we have some of the most shared sayings memorial day quotes to honor the soldiers who died while serving. You can check and select and then share them on your social profiles to honor their sacrifices.

Happy Memorial Day 2016 Quotes Sayings Wishes Messages Greetings Whatsapp Status

1. “Ask not what your nation can accomplish for you; approach what you can achieve for your nation.”

2. “The legacy of saints is the memory of an extraordinary name and the legacy of an incredible illustration.”

3. “The expense of flexibility is consistently high, yet Americans have continually paid it. Also, one way we might never pick, and that is the way of surrender or accommodation.”

4. “Freedom, when it starts to flourish, is a plant of fast development.”

Here are some sayings, messages and picture quotes to be shared on 2016 Memorial Day:

5. “I have since quite a while ago trusted that relinquish is the apex of patriotism.”

6. “It doesn’t take a saint to request men into the fight. It takes a saint to be one of those men who goes into the fight.”

7. “For adoration for the nation, they acknowledged passing.”

8. “They drift as a billow of observers over this Nation.”

9. “Tell each country, whether it wishes us well or sick, that we might pay any value, bear any weight, meet any hardship, bolster any companion, restrict any enemy to guarantee the survival and the achievement of freedom.”

Happy Memorial Day 2016 Quotes Sayings Wishes Messages Greetings Whatsapp Status

10. “Radicalism in the barrier of liberty is no bad habit. Balance in the quest for equity is no goodness.”

11. “I just lament that I have yet one life to lose for my nation.”

13. “Better amazing for opportunity than be a detainee all the times of your life.”

15. “The nationalist’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.”

17. “A legend is somebody who has given his or her life to an option that is greater than oneself.”

19. “They are dead, but they live in each Patriot’s breast, and their names are engraven on honor’s bright crest.”

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