Happy Pesach 2016: Best Greetings and Wishes Quotes To Celebrate ‘Passover’ The Jewish Holiday

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Happy Pesach 2016 Quotes, Greetings, Wishes, Images, Messages, Pictures in Hebrew and English: Pesach 2016 is all here with the beginning of week-long festival on Friday night. The festival is celebrated by Jews worldwide and signified as one of the most prestigious festivals in Israel and United States. (share: Happy Passover.)

The festival’s remembrances the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. Usually, people want to greet their Jewish friends by saying Happy Pesach in Hebrew here are easy way to pronounce it correctly and surprise them

Happy Pesach 2016 Quotes

In Hebrew, it could speak like Sameach Pesach which can be pronounced as sah-MEY-akh  PAY-sock

Duration of Pesach 2016 – Lasts for eight days, from the evening of Friday, April 22 until the night of Saturday, April 30.

Being Observed in many countries with much ostentation and entertainment. Passover celebrations revolve around celebration, feasting, and amusement around every corner. The favorite jobs of the people on this auspicious day were having drinks with the friends and the family.

People usually enjoy these days with a little wine and family dinner. The wishes were exchanged in between the family and the relatives by the people.

Happy Pesach 2016 Quotes, Greetings, Wishes, Images, Messages, Pictures

Pesach Greetings

Wishing you joy and many blessings
at Passover and throughout the year!
May God bless you this Passover season
and all through the year…”

“May your Passover overflow with happiness…
May you always be blessed with peace,
prosperity and togetherness!
Wishing you a Happy Passover!”

Wishing you…
Peace, Good times,
Good health
And Happiness…
on Passover & always!”

“Wishing you a
Spring fresh
with new promises
and a Passover
blossoming with joy
Happy Pesach!”

On Passover and always
May you rejoice
In our traditions and
Always be blessed
With the delicious and bountiful
Gifts of life!”

Happy Pesach 2016 Quotes, Greetings, Wishes, Images, Messages, Pictures

Pesach Wishes

Singing the Haggadah
Enjoying the Matzos
Dining with Dear ones
Extra-special fun at the Afikoman hunt
Round of Four Questions
Here’s wishing your Seder is a spread of joy!
Happy Passover!

A true friend…
Is hard to find,
Brings matzo happiness,
Makes good times better…
Makes each day bright with joy.
And I can’t pass this opportunity to say…
Lucky me to have found such a friend in you.
Happy Passover!

Pesach Poems

Part of Being Jewish Is a Choice
Part of being Jewish is a choice
When one becomes an act of conservation.
Seders begin the stream of exhortation,
Tales are meant to secure one to the past.
On words alone the deportees had to last,
Verses reified by routine,
Each an inheritance of a generation
Lifted to give those old words a voice.

Matzah Matzah

Matzah, Matzah I love you so
There’s just one thing you ought to know
You are quite tasty; that’s a fact
Even though you’re always cracked
During Pesach, you are my best friend
I will remain faithful until the end
But when the eighth day comes around
I run from Matzah in a single bound
It’s not my intention to offend
Remember you are my best friend
How much Matzah can one eat?
In place of bread and Cream of Wheat
The meaning of the holiday is quite clear
I will not eat bread, so have no fear
Now that you know the situation
Please take a rest,
go on vacation

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