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Propose Day is right here, it’s one of the days included in Valentine Week List also known as Valentine Day Date Sheet. It falls on the 8th of February every year. Initially celebrated in Asian countries the day started getting noted in the western part of the world as well. This day is an extension to the St. Valentine’s day which got celebrated on 14th of February of every in memory of St. Valentine. Couples around the world propose each other to be their valentine on this day.

Sending Propose Day WhatsApp messages is quite customary nowadays, as people always prefer to wish loved ones over a message which can express the feel better. Along with WhatsApp Messages, one can also update WhatsApp status on the great day of proposing someone really special. To make your Valentine Week even more special we’re sharing some great Propose Day WhatsApp Messages and Status with you in this post.

  1. All I wanted was someone to care for me,
    All I wanted was someone who’d b there for me,
    All I ever wanted was someone who’d b true,
    All I ever wanted was someone like You!
    Happy Propose Day WhatsApp Messages !
  2. The sweetest way to propose:
    “Excuse me, do you have a band aid,
    because i scrapped my knee
    when i fell in love with you.”
    Will you be mine …
    Happy Propose Day 2019 !!!
  3. Love is like a cloud. Love is like a dream. Love is one word and everything in between. Love is a fairytale come true. Because I found love when I found you.
    Happy ProposeDay!
  4. I Think About You All The Time, Will You Be Mine Forever ? I Must Say I Adore You I Can Not Live My Life Without You. It Would Be Long & Dreary. Happy Propose Day! quotes
  5. “Feelings Are Always The Same,
    saying It Could Be In Different Ways,
    Some Say It Directly Are Called “LOVERS”
    Some Write On Paper Called “POET”
    Happy ProposeDay My Love.”
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  7. I can’t imagine a life without you in it,
    I want to grow old with you,
    Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.

  1. Life is about all the roads we take, some smooth, some rough. Will you travel with me no matter what road we travel? If you are with me, all the roads are smooth. Happy ProposeDay!
  2. I Am Opening An Emotional Bank Account
    For You Sweetheart
    So Deposit Your Love In It
    And You Will Get The Interest.
    Be My Valentine !
    Happy ProposeDay…
  3. Meri Prem Kahani Ka Kya Ajeeb Ending Tha…,
    Maine Propose Kia Sms Se,
    Kambakth Wo Uski Shadi Thak Pnding Tha
    Tumko Mila Kya !!!
    Happy propose day friends
  4. If roses were black and violets were brown,
    my love for you would never be found.
    But roses are red and violets are blue,
    all I want to say is I love You!
    Happy Propose Day WhatsApp Messages!
  5. Friendship is easy, love is tough.
    But together I know we can make it work.
    There’s never any guarantee in life,
    But I promise I will spend my life making you smile.
    Happy Propose Day! quotes
  6. Love is not Something you find Love is Something that finds you.. I want to be with U until the sun falls from the sky.

.One of the biggest positive of sharing propose day wishes on WhatsApp as messages are, you can send it to a number of recipients and enjoy proposing the chance of getting committed this valentine. The love is in the air with February month. Do share the article on Social Media and get your loved ones in your list.

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