May Day Bank Holiday 2016: Opening and Closing Times For Supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons in London For Shopping

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May Day Bank Holiday 2016 opening times for Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons: After the Easter holiday, the Mayday has been the most anticipated holiday and shopping time for all people. Here below, we have compiled the list of various supermarkets and stores of London with their working hours [opening and closing timings]. (check: Dia del Niño 2016.)

The people of London witnessed a cool weather. They must be excited for the another extra day which is going to get off as a holiday and have been waiting impatiently. It looks like that they are going to face a challenge in deciding that how are they going to spend the whole day?

May Day Bank Holiday 2016

Mayday is going to be observed on May 2, and you may choose to go for a picnic in a park or a meal with all the family members. If you are planning the same, then you should know the timings, i.e., when and what time your nearest supermarket is going to close on the day before you decide to go out for the last minute meals. (share: International Dance Day.)

Most of the big stores in the UK will function as per their regular timings till the weekend, i.e., Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then, on May Bank Holiday Monday, their time will vary. Traffic on roads is going to be a major problem on the day.

Here below, we have compiled the time for you.

Most stores will be open 9am-7pm
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Normal hours at Express stores; 9am-6pm at most other stores
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Most stores will be open 7am-8pm
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Most stores will be open at normal opening hours (including 7am-10pm; 8pm-10pm)
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Most stores will be open 7am-10pm
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Most stores will be open 10am-4pm
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Most stores will be open 8am-7pm
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Most stores will be open 8am-10pm
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May Day Bank Holiday 2016

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