Real Money Casinos In Canada Are On The Rise

Real Money Casinos In Canada Are On The Rise
Real Money Casinos In Canada Are On The Rise

There’s been a surge of real money casinos over the years in Canada, and it was especially relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic when the residents were forced to isolate themselves in their homes. Previously, the laws governing real money casinos in Canada were a bit confusing, leaving many to believe that it is illegal to play them in the country. But that isn’t the case anymore after new regulation has been put in place to make certain that online casinos are completely legal in the North American country.

The online casino industry has witnessed a massive growth in its popularity in Canada, with statistics showing that over 19.3 million Canucks are indulging in one gambling activity or another. The gambling industry and Canadians have a long history together and it goes way back. In short, the Canadians have a massive love for gambling games offered at online casinos, especially games like slots, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat and more. In this article, we will be talking about what triggered real money casinos’ rise in popularity in Canada.

Extensive Marketing

While technology played a role in piquing the curiosity of gamblers in Canada, marketing also played its role in getting to the targeted audience to ensure streams of customers in the online gambling industry. Various marketing strategies were employed by many online casinos to attract more gamblers to their platforms. If you’re a lover of casino games, you’ve surely seen numerous ads when you’re browsing the internet or when you visit your favourite news site in the morning.

Some online casinos used marketing to lure gamblers with various bonuses, promotions and other incentives, so even if you’re not a gambler you’ll be interested in how the incentives work which will lead to your eventual playing of the games in their libraries. So, extensive marketing is one of the many ways real money casinos got the attention of Canadian gamblers.

Availability of Variety of Games

One thing Canadians love about gambling is the casino games. So with real money casinos offering a different variety of casino games, it started gaining the attention of the gambler in the country. If you got tired of playing the same casino game, you easily jump into another one and explore its entirety.


There are tons of casino games available in all real money online casinos and with their libraries being updated almost every day, the Canadians will take a lot of time to explore them. Online slots are one of the most popular games that Canadians enjoy so much, that they can easily find hundreds of them available at every real money casino platform and they won’t have to wait in line.

Bonuses & Promotions

During the rise of the online casino industry, many online platforms employed the use of bonuses, promotions and other incentives to try to gain an upper hand against their land-based counterparts. Over the past decade, bonuses and promotions are now being used to gain upper hand against other online competitors in the industry. The online casino competition is quite fierce, you don’t want to get caught up in the middle of it.

The incentives played a huge role in increasing the popularity of real money casinos in Canada, and, if used right, gamblers can use them to increase their chances of winning. Several bonuses and promotions have popped up over the years, some of the most popular bonuses are the free spins, matched bonuses, welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, VIP bonuses, and loyalty bonuses.

Methods of Payment

The Canadians don’t have much option when it comes to transacting or withdrawing money. Real money casinos, however, have several payment methods available for the Canucks to use when they visit their site, so they won’t have to worry about the availability of their preferred payment methods as most online casinos targeting the Canadian audience will surely have their payment methods on offer. Canadians’ most popular payment methods are Interac, iDebit, and cryptocurrencies.


Several things influenced the rise of real money casinos in Canada, with the Covid-19 pandemic playing its role, but these reasons listed above are highly impactful for its rise in the North American country, and it will continue to rise, considering the fact that technology will continue to advance.

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