When is Black Friday 2016 (Date)? Amazon Black Friday Deals Offers and Tesco Sale; What Is Its Significance?

When is Black Friday 2016? Date, Amazon Deals, Tesco Sale
When is Black Friday 2016? Date, Amazon Deals, Tesco Sale

When is Black Friday 2016? Date, Amazon Deals, Tesco Sale, What, Significance: 2016 Black Friday is about to come. It is just a few weeks away. This year, it falls on 25th November 2016. Exactly one month before the Christmas, the perfect time to purchase new items with heavy discounts. (check: Apple iPad Mini 5.)

The companies will be providing many significant discounts across a various number of stores all across the globe. Last year, the people shopped for 92 pounds on this day while the average spend in the shops were 41 pounds. It is estimated that about 1.4 million people put themselves in debt to participate on this day.

When is Black Friday 2016? Date, Amazon Deals, Tesco Sale

This day is called Black Friday because, on this day, the stores provide substantial discounts which can turn all your losses into profits just by purchasing on this day. Another day, Cyber Monday (28th November 2016) is celebrated on the first Monday after it. This day solely works online.

Many companies are offering many offers which can benefit the customers. Companies like Tesco, Amazon, Argos already have some deals ready for their clients. There are the lot more companies which are offering great deals this year. Some of the anticipated or expected deals are here for you.

Amazon is offering great deals. The deals include a discount of 75 pounds on Xbox One, 30 pounds on Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon is also offering a Fire TV Stick for 25 pounds and Fire tablet for 35 pounds. Argos have some great deals for the customers and is promising to deliver the products the next day.

When is Black Friday 2016? Date, Amazon Deals, Tesco Sale

Another popular e-commerce website is planning to give massive discounts on all the sections like fashion, leisure, kids items, sports, leisure, beauty, and electronics. The website Game is offering great deals, and their countdown will begin from 22 November.

Tesco is ready to give about 70% off on all the electrical items, homeware, and clothes. Unlike last year, it is said that Tesco will open their offers at 5 am. Other stores like Asda and Currys PC World will be offering many huge discounts on their products. Last year, it was a huge success. The same is expected for this year’s special day.

However, on this particular weekend, the rate of crimes and fraud also increases tremendously. You should save yourself from all these frauds by having an anti-virus installed in your computer while shopping online.

When is Black Friday 2016? Date, Amazon Deals, Tesco Sale

Also, in spite of shopping through debit card or PayPal, always shop through credit card for safety purposes.

Participate this year and get products with heavy discounts.

Stay tuned to The Reporter Times for latest BlackFriday and Cyber Monday 2016 sale, Walmart discount, Best Buy offers, Hostgator coupons, promo code, and all other news around the world.

There are going to a lot of sale on hosting, plugins, themes, clothing, electronics, TV, laptops, etc.

What are you going to buy this time? Share your predictions, views and thoughts with us.

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