Buddy Ryan Dead: The NFL Defensive Coach Dies at 82

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Buddy Ryan Dead or Alive: The former NFL defensive coach and the arhitect of the probably the most defenses in the NFL history died today. He was 82. Most of the today’s coaches carry his blustery style. He has a big fan base. (check: Pat Summitt death)

Ryan fought a very long battle with cancer as confirmed by his agent to NFL Media. In his lifetime, Ryan created 46 defense which boosted the Chicago Bears and enable them to win the Super Bowl XX title. His techniques worked like a charm.

Buddy Ryan Dead

His another defense enable the New York Jets to lift their only superbowl title in the history back in 1969. These gems are known as the Cheeseburger Blitz and Taco Bell Blitz. Moreover, he also worked for Minnesota and created Purple People Eaters defenses in the mid 1970s.

Ryan took birth in Oklahoma and raised there only. He started coaching in 1961 starting his career with the University of Buffalo after his military service. After that, his real coaching career as a defensive troubadour started. He served New York, Minnesota, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, and Arizona.

Buddy Ryan Dead

“Without Buddy Ryan … I’m just a guy,” legendary Bears linebacker Mike Singletary said on an ESPN documentary about the 1985 Bears. “He’s someone that you meet, and you think he’s the toughest, meanest guy that you’ll ever meet. But he loves you. He just doesn’t know how to express it. But you know it when he looks at you.”


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