MS Dhoni’s mouth shutting reply after losing against West Indies to a journalist

MS Dhoni collection 'The Untold Story' 2nd Weekend box office collection
MS Dhoni collection 'The Untold Story' 2nd Weekend box office collection

A journalist (Seems to be an Australian) asked a question regarding MS Dhoni’s retirement, and the next what happens is pretty awesome. MS Dhoni calls him to sit next to him and had a small interview.

The journalist asked whether he was continuing to play or retiring after this match. And then here is the conversation which is winning the internet today.

Aussie Journalist: Are you retiring?

Calls him up, makes him sit next to him, puts his arm on shoulder around him & asks,

Dhoni: I expect if there is an Indian Media so that he would have a son or brother to play. Do you want me to retire? Do you think I am unfit? Do you like my running?

Journo: No. No. Yes, you are fast.

Dhoni then asked: Do you think I can survive till 2019 World Cup?

Journo: Sure Yes

Dhoni: Then you have answered the question! You’ve forgotten something; I wish he were an Indian Media guy who has a son old enough to play a wicketkeeper role.

The second Journalist asked him about his depleting performance in the successive matches; Dhoni answered that the combination of the time does matter a lot. Luck and all is all good to talk about, but we have to focus on performance. It’s not about the captain it’s primarily about the execution of the event.