How Cricket May Change in the Future

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Cricket is a game that’s constantly evolving. While it may not look that way to the untrained eye, the game’s rules and gameplay are constantly changing for better or worse. The rules of cricket are quite complex when compared to football, and governing cricket bodies are trying to change that so that they bring the sport closer to people around the globe.

So far, cricket remains popular in India, Pakistan, the UK, Australia, and South Africa. With new rule implementations that could change in the future. As the sport evolves, it should be closer to people, and we fully expect that to happen ASAP.

With new rules and features changed, cricket could finally be closer to people outside of the UK. From closed roofs to synthetic pitches, here are the rules that could change how cricket plays soon.

Synthetic Pitches

Natural pitches are much better than synthetic ones. They look better, feel better, and that’s how the game is meant to be played. However, it’s all fun until a rainy afternoon turns a natural pitch into a swamp. Sometimes, the grass simply won’t grow like you expect it to. These risks can all be minimized by synthetic pitches.

The latest synthetic pitches are so good that you can rarely tell the difference between them and a natural field. There are myths associated with the ball bounce, but those are just myths. The use of synthetic cricket pitches is already becoming pretty common at club and elite levels. There have already been a handful of India cricket matches

on these turfs, and they’re expected to roll out around the globe pretty soon.

Closed Stadium Roofs

So far, the only closed roof cricket stadium in the world is the Docklands stadium in Australia. While no one’s happy about closed roofs since cricket is traditionally played under rain and sun, there’s no question that closed roofs will make it a better game.

Imagine a tour or any other event with games that aren’t suspended due to bad weather? Cricket has been played under the sun for centuries, but it’s time to make a change. No one likes delayed and suspended matches, and closed roofs will eliminate this possibility once and for all.

More Web Broadcasts

If cricket wants to make a global impact, the number of streams must go up. Radio live broadcasts are pretty common, but let’s be realistic – they’re ancient technology. By broadcasting more matches online, the sport’s popularity will explode. Of course, this means investing in broadcasts for every game.

This would be a huge step forward for cricket in an era where football and basketball streams are common. The bigger presence online will certainly do it good and put cricket back on the podium where it belongs.

More Cameras

You know how football matches can be viewed from numerous angles? Well, the same can’t be said for good ol’ cricket. The sport is only viewed from a few angles. If there were a few more cameras on the pitch, everyone would benefit from the extra angles.

Fans want to see the action from overhead cameras, close-ups, and other angles and vantage points. It’s a simple addition that could make a significant impact, especially with new 4K cameras available.


Hear us out – VR cricket can really make a splash. While it’s a technology that we won’t see on the market soon, it’s still something that could usher in a new era of cricket. Sky World has already done the same for PL football, so what’s stopping cricket to do the same? It may be pretty far down he line, but it’s still a great possibility.

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