Indian Super League and I-League won’t take Indian football forward: SS Hakeem

Indian Super League which is also commonly known as ISL is going to start from next month and a shocking statement has arrived from football player SS Hakeem. SS Hakeem believes that ISL and I-League matches will not be able to take the level of sport forward in India.

“This I-League, ISL will never do anything. If these do not end and new tournaments do not come about, Indian football is not going anywhere. If you ask me, they should not even exist. New tournaments should be started,” SS Hakeem said while giving interview to IANS. He believes such tournaments were repeatedly ignored by the people. SS Hakeem is the son of  Syed Abdul Rahim who took forward football craze in India in early independence years.

SS Hakeem questioned the tournament organisers and claim that the organisers are no more interested in organising the tournaments for the people, in his there were tournaments which everyone can participate and he himself used to play around 30-35 tournaments each year.

SS Hakeem on Indian Super League

Hakeem said questioning the level of keen interest of Organisers in Indian Super League (ISL) as “Quality comes out of quantity but where is the quantity” the indirect shot was fired on the organisers for having low-quality matches because of lack of talent. He said that “Switzerland had 10,000 tennis courts, then one Roger Federer came out.” while India is facing lack of quality stadium since years. Hakeem added that earlier around 50 tournaments were used to take place in India but now the level has reached low bottom.

SS Hakeem added that “Mohun Bagan and ISL do not produce players, it is done by smaller teams”. Questioning the attitude of shifting the Durand Cup to Goa, Hakeem goes angry and said the oldest tournament of India and third oldest tournament of this world is getting ignored at such an extreme level.

“Please ask the All India Football Federation (AIFF) how much money was spent from 1950-1982 and from 1982 to now, on coaches. What were the results then and what are the results now? Our Under-16 team recently lost to Bangladesh. Then our senior team lost to Guam. Pardon me for my ignorance but till the match, I had not even heard of Guam.” Hakeem added in last while speaking to IANS

(With inputs from IANS)