WWE Smackdown’s John Cena found his common ground with Indian Cricket Team and Virat Kohli – Bleed Blue

John Cena posts Virat Kohli pic on his Instagram
John Cena posts Virat Kohli pic on his Instagram

Usually its commonly said that there is no link between wrestling and cricket. But John Cena proved it wrong. WWE Smackdown which had its color blue usually found themselves in an intense competition with the team red. WWE Raw is often recognised as the Red team against the Smackdown.

From last 4 days, John Cena was uploading pictures of red and blue pills on each of the hands. The people are commenting which one they actually likes. Cena took the most puzzled way to declare that he has been finally drafted into the WWE Smackdown. He also challenges the people who thinks ‘Raw is a flagship’. He added that its like a new challenge and fresh start.

Furthermore, he took the challenge of critics team and spotted on the time by saying ‘It would be done again’

No matter what Cena is always loved for his style by his fans. His amazingly puzzling quiz was finally came to a conclusion.

John Cena posts Virat Kohli pic on his Instagram

Posting Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli’s picture had fired up minds of many common audience. Many fans had even started wondering them to come with a common ground

It would be a great loss to the fans of WWE Raw who wanted to see the star standing up with their team. At the same time, it would be interesting to see what Smackdown’s fate will go with leadership of John Cena in the series.

No matter what, it doesn’t appear that he is going to give any type of chance for the opponents in the upcoming series.

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