Lionel Messi Retirement: Argentina Forwards Says That He Is Retiring

Lionel Messi Retirement
Lionel Messi Retirement

Lionel Messi Retirement: The forward for two of the best teams in the world, Argentina national and Barcelona team has indicated that he is going to retire. He appeared to be devastated when Argentina lost to Chile in the Copa America 2016 final.

Actually, he missed out a penalty shootout which made him feel depressed and disappointed. As a result, Chile won the 2016 Copa America title. This tournament may be the last when are seeing him playing international matches. (check: Vikings Season 4.)


Lionel Messi Retirement

“For me, the national team is over. I’ve done all I can; it hurts not to be a champion,” Messi told TRT. His match against Chile was the 112th game for the team. He debuted in 2005.

Neither of the two teams was able to score a single goal in the final match of the 2016 CA football tournament in 120 minutes. However, Chile won the match by 4-2 penalties, and this becomes their second consecutive title.

Messi hasn’t been honored major international honor other than a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Argentina lost to Chile by 1-0 in the 2014 world cup final. And including this year’s title, Argentina has lost three Copa America finals in the year 2007, 2015, 2016.

Lionel Messi Retires

The penalty was the first opportunity which Argentina couldn’t make use of it. The shootout ballooned too high.

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What are your views and thoughts? Do you want Lionel to retire?

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