Roman Reigns Suspended by WWE for Violating Drug Wellness Policy?: WWE News

Roman Reigns Suspended By WWE
WWE suspended Roman Reigns | Photo: WWE

Roman Reigns Suspended By WWE: Joe Anoa`i (RomanReigns) had accepted his mistake today, tweeting ‘I apologize to my family, friends and fans for my mistake in violating WWE’s wellness policy. No excuses. I own it.’ (watch: West Indies vs Australia.)

WWE had also suspended Roman Reigns with immediate effect for 30 days. Considering the level of self-realization, he has been suspended temporarily. It was his first violation of company’s ‘talent wellness policy’. (see: Czech Republic vs Turkey.)

Roman Reigns Suspended By WWE

Fans of Reigns had accepted his resignation with Pride and assured the star for a cheerful comeback next month. The suspension order will get revoked on 22nd July 2016. (check: Croatia vs Spain.)

One fan wrote on Twitter: I believed in you. I thought you cared about us.

While another supports him in this situation by saying ‘You’re a human being. You owned it. You’re still awesome in my book.’

Last year it was reported that Roman failed Drug Test False, he was also quoted as a wrestler who Who Never Took Steroids.

WWE suspended Roman Reigns | Photo: WWE

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According to @ProWrestlingMag, ‘Reigns has been suspended due to failure to pass the drug wellness policy.’ However, no such statement had been issued by WWE whether it was drug case or not.