Top Golf Cart Brands and Models: Which Ones Reigns Supreme?


As the PGA Tour 2022 – 23 is about come to an end, the competition is hot between Scheffer (US) and Rahm (Spain). From the look of things though, Scheffer is up on the money list, while Jon Rahm is all set to become the new FedEx Cup Champion. While all that promises some excellent PGA Tour action on TV, it also makes the golfer in us want to have a few swings of our own at the local golf club.

We have the perfect list to further excite the amateur golfer in you, because every golf cart on this list is a winner in its own segment. Let’s discuss the best of both comfy golf carts that help in preserving energy and time on the golf course, to more powerful carts that turn into off-roading vehicles as soon as you put all-terrain tires on them.

E-Z-GO Liberty Lithium

When you first take a look at the E-Z-GO Liberty ELiTE Lithium (electric), you might be surprised to see the cart’s unique design. Unlike every other golf cart that came before the EZGO Liberty Lithium, all four seats inside the Liberty are forward-facing. While a few models from other brands do exist now, the Liberty Lithium from E-Z-GO was the pioneer, and it still offers better seating ergonomics than the competition.

Aside from its revolutionary seating arrangement, the E-Z-GO Liberty Lithium also doubles as a handy and reliable LSV. It has interior features such as illum inated cupholders, a shelf, separate key switches, a responsive wheel, and even a glove box. It also features a Samsung SDI lithium battery pack which prevents the cart from losing its power and features at low energy levels.


The only thing is that it’s not a cheap product by any means and the price might even be considered too high, even though it’s certainly one of the top three golf carts anyone can buy in 2023.

Club Car Tempo

The Club Car Tempo is arguably the most luxurious golf cart that money can buy in 2023, thanks largely to Club Car’s use of high-quality materials for its construction, a beautiful, yet functional design, and some truly unique advanced cart automation features. For example, the Tempo has:

  • A self-compensating steering wheel.
  • Twin hydraulic shock absorbers with independent leaf springs.
  • 14hp powertrain with a max speed of 15mph.
  • Self-adjusting rear wheel drum brakes.

However, the wheels of the Tempo are typically meant for the golf course only, which is not necessarily a con. However, if you have plans to golf on some rougher terrains or if you want to use the expensive 2-seater LSV for some local traveling off the course as well, you can always get more suitable, wheel and tire alternatives. You will find plenty of options that are tougher, better, and will fit any compatible golf cart, like Yamaha and Club Car wheels.

Yamaha Drive 2-PTV

One of the most reliable entries on this list, the Yamaha Drive 2-PTV is admittedly not as powerful as the other two options on this least. The 48V electric motor caps out at an output of 6.7hp and a max speed of 12mph. However, considering the fact that the cart is significantly less expensive than the other options ion the same category, that’s not much of a loss really. Some of the main features that make the 2-PTV one of the best golf carts of 2023 are its classy design, easily replaceable parts, a self-compensating, partly automated steering wheel, and independent strut suspensions.

There isn’t much you can’t change after you buy a golf cart these days. However, it does help if your cart already comes with a premium build and solid infrastructure. On that parameter, none of the above options will let you down.

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