Watch: Flamengo FC Fans Opening Emergency Door to Wish Team Best

A weird incident happened today while the Flamengo FC team was leaving. The team faced an extraordinary group of fans who were literally ready to risk anything for a perfect goodbye.

The team is leaving Rio de Janeiro to play 2 away games in the Brazilian league before they fly to Uruguay to play in the Libertadores Finals next week so this is the last time fans from Rio will see the players before the final.

Usually, before big games, Flamengo fans does this send-off where they “escort” the team bus to the airport. The escort of the vehicle to the airport is called “AeroFla”.

While for some outsiders, this act may seem a tad risky. However, It’s really wild but to this day no player or staff ever got injured or anything like that and they love it when fans do this. The bus driver actually waits for the fans to bid their goodbye first before starting the vehicle.

This is a great picture of yesterday AeroFla, and if you wish to check the opinions of players not used to this check Andreas Pereira, Kenedy and David Luiz Instagram pages. Some outsiders may have mixed opinions about the ceremony but the bus looks quite rigged and so does that team. Looks like fans are definitely going to have good time.

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